Looking at the Wexner Medical Center at OSU

Let’s take a look . . . 

They have a huge (expensive) campus.

We think of how Jimmy Savile loved access to all those young patients at medical and psychiatric facilities he was a “patron” of.  Medical offices keep extensive records of personal information. Very useful to maniacs and pedos. We have no idea what they are up to at OSU. They may be completely innocent of any breach of trust. But they proudly display the name of an Epstein handler and child rapist. 




Jeffrey Epstein and Adnan Khashoggi

Daniel Hopsicker (2019) –

The Jeffrey Epstein Social Network & The Container Ship Crime Wave

” . . . [Vanity Fair reporter, Vicki] Ward reported, “According to one of my sources, one of the rich people for whom Jeffrey Epstein chased down money was Adnan Khashoggi, a powerful Saudi businessman.

What was Adnan Khashoggi doing that made him need assistance in debt collection? According to a declassified 1991 DIA report, Khashoggi was one of the biggest drug traffickers doing business in Colombia.

Wexner, Epstein and Ohio State Wrestlers’ Abuse Stories

Voat.coOhio State Wrestlers abused by team doctor ask state Inspector General to investigate school megadonor Les Wexner and wife Abigail, Vice-chair of the university’s Board of Trustees

“… The letter from the group of wrestlers said they are turning to the inspector general because of Abigail Wexner’s status as Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at Ohio State.

Given these public allegations against Mrs. Wexner, it is extremely difficult for us to comprehend why OSU maintains its relationship with Abigail Wexner and her family, particularly in light of the history of damning sexual violence issues on campus and those same issues involving the Wexner family and its companies, and both their relationship with the notorious Jeffrey Epstein.”

Andrew’s Fixer: She is the Daughter of Robert Maxwell and She’s Manipulating His Jetset Lifestyle | The Evening Standard (London) | 2001

The Storage Unit

Andrew’s Fixer: She is the Daughter of Robert Maxwell and She’s Manipulating His Jetset Lifestyle

The Evening Standard (London)

January 22, 2001

Prince Andrew has upset the Queen and ex-wife Fergie with his lad-about-the-globe activities but he’s enjoying his social life with new best friend Ghislaine Maxwell. NIGEL ROSSER reports

IT HAS become almost a weekly occurrence that Prince Andrew is shown by a tabloid newspaper inviting a West Coast “actress”, into his bedroom to tuck him in at 2am, lounging on a yacht surrounded by topless women, or slipping out of nightclubs with various companions.

Previously mostly known for his modest naval career and love of golf, in the past 18 months the Prince has embarked on a new lifestyle redolent of a middle-aged swinger rediscovering his youth in the playgrounds of the Eurotrash.

His erratic behaviour has greatly upset Buckingham Palace and his ex-wife Fergie.

No saint herself…

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Weistein Connected to Les Wexner

Let’s Look at Epstein-friendly pedos in the fashion industry 🙈

  Elle magazine What To Know About The Relationship Between Prince Andrew And Jeffrey Epstein

No, Elle, that’s NOT what “we need to know”.
What we need to know is what you fashion magazines have to do with child trafficking, sponsoring child trafficking events and so-called celebs.  And we need to know about your conspiring to cover up the crimes of top model agency honchos like pedos, Les Wexner and Jean-Luc Brunel.

And let’s not forget that the line used most successfully by Epstein’s pimp (Epstein’s boss?), Ghislaine Maxwell was, “Come in this car with me, Dearie, and I’ll make you a fashion model!”.

Some items –

Latest Litigant, Maria Farmer, Says Ghislaine Maxwell Made Death Threat to Her

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Alleges That Ghislaine Maxwell Made Death Threat to Her After She Revealed Abuse

“Ghislaine Maxwell, the “madame” of deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein, is accused of making a death threat to Maria Farmer, according to one of the three new lawsuits filed on Nov. 12 against Epstein’s estate . . . “


The Epstein-Funded Child Porn Hub: MIT Media Lab

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense 8-29-19

The Epstein-Funded Child Porn Hub MIT Media Lab That Murdered Aaron Swartz

“After probing his deep-state background and Illuminati connections, I was hoping to be rid of the Jeffrey Epstein file but here we are spinning another round in this Part IV of a saga of sexual perversion and financial crime that refuses to go away. It’s a cold day in hell for me to find any agreement with The Daily Beast, which means the Netherworld must now be sufficiently frozen to toss a few snowballs at child-porn producer Nicholas Negroponte and his acolyte Joi Ito. As founder of the MIT Media Lab and his pedophilia sex-fiend buddies with American diplomats and major corporations, including Boeing, all in with the George W. Bush team, Negroponte was involved in systematic rape and video production of kiddie porn at a Phnom Penh orphanage, that was busted by “the Father’s group” of anti-pedophile activists, which included Wayne Madsen, the late Gerald Thorns and me. Those tiny victims, mostly boys ranged from six to 14 years of age, along with a few subteen girls for some hetero action, until their expulsion on orders of Queen Monica of Cambodia. These crimes of underage porn produced at the MIT Media Lab later culminated in that coven’s role in the murder of reddit editor and anti-pedophile activist Aaron Swartz in January 2013.” – (more)

8-26-19 article:

The Epstein-Wexner Illuminati Gained Netflix Fame In Hellfire’s Name

“While tracking Jeffrey Epstein’s secret career as an undercover agent for the Treasury Department, my search led to his associate Leslie Wexner’s connections with elite Illuminati families that control the financial system in Britain and many of its former colonies.”

Let’s Look at the wife of pedo-ring-king, Les Wexner and Ohio kiddie charities

Just like the infamous Sandusky case at Penn State where children were procured for a pedo-ring via fake help-the-kids-foundation, Second Mile, Les Wexner’s wife seems all entwined in the same scheme.

Mrs. Wexner Practiced Regulation From 1987-1992 Earlier than Changing into The Founder And Chair of The Columbus Coalition Towards Household Violence and KidsOhio.org

“She now serves as a board member for a number of organizations, together with the Middle for Baby and Household Advocacy, the Columbus Coalition Towards Household Violence, KidsOhio.org, KIPP Journey Academy, Nationwide Youngsters’s Hospital Basis, and the Wexner Middle Basis.”

Remember what this guy said? Cracking Open Dayton Child Sex Trafficking, Les Wexner, Epstein, Children’s Hospitals

Maybe Abigail Koppel needs looking at in the way Ghislaine Maxwell needs looking at. She has way too much access to children, children’s data files and shady “foundations” for the wife of an obvious pedo-ring-king.


Pervert Convention: the 2019 UNICEF Summer Gala in Italy

This thing smacks of a giant money laundering, kiddie smuggling pervert fest.

Jump to the 13 min. mark –

LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHBslMmvrmc

(Earlier in the video is shows the similarity between Berlusconi’s estate where he hosted infamous orgies and Little St. James)

PHOTOS: Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler & More attend UNICEF’s Summer Gala in Italy

Heidi Klum is connected to Naomi Campbell, sex-maniac Berlusconi and suspicious Campbell “boyfriend”, Flavio Briatore who may all be mixed up in Epstein behavior.

W magazine – Inside UNICEF’s Summer Gala, Where Emily Ratajkowski, Ricky Martin, and Heidi Klum Party Together in Italy—For the Children

Klum: “It’s so important what they do, and I’ve gone on many field trips before and seen first hand so many people on the field helping children, and truly, it is amazing what they do. Education is super important, and it’s important that [people] are here, spending money,”

UNREDACTED Little Black Book Leaked 👀

Epstein’s Little Black Book with the blacked out parts revealed –
[no new names shown]

Les Wexner Squirms

Les Wexner taps former SEC head for legal help over Jeffrey Epstein fallout

“According to CNN, Wexner hired Mary Jo White — a criminal defense attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and the former Securities and Exchange chairwoman — who has reached out to prosecutors examining Epstein, a millionaire hedge fund manager and convicted pedophile who died by apparent suicide on Saturday.”  .  (more)

“Prosecutors have gathered evidence from Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, as well as his private Caribbean island – a raid that occurred days after his death, signaling that legal pressure will not subside as the investigation into how Epstein appeared to commit suicide while in jail also accelerates.”

SEE ALSO – FBI Raids Little St. James

Cracking Open Dayton Child Sex Trafficking, Les Wexner, Epstein, Children’s Hospitals

LINK –  https://youtu.be/1uiQk7mH1z8

Related – Clermont County Ohio CP/Satanic Rituals Arrests





On the Mega Group: pro-Israel support network by Whitney Webb

Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad:
The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

” . . . The Mega Group’s role in the Epstein case has garnered some attention, as Epstein’s main financial patron for decades, billionaire Leslie Wexner, was a co-founder of the group that unites several well-known businessmen with a penchant for pro-Israel and ethno-philanthropy (i.e., philanthropy benefiting a single ethnic or ethno-religious group). However, as this report will show, another uniting factor among Mega Group members is deep ties to organized crime, specifically the organized crime network discussed in Part I of this series, which was largely led by notorious American mobster Meyer Lansky.”

Earlier Post – Jeffrey Epstein works for Israeli Intelligence. Why would Israel need all that blackmail material?