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A 2011 summary of the Epstein Story from the FC blog

Jeffrey Epstein Philanthropy

Whiney Webb’s investigations on Epstein

Kirby Sommers books and investigations

Courtroom updates from  Adam Klasfeld –

Coalition Against Voter Disenfranchisement & Election Fraud [CAVDEF] wiki page on Epstein

Posts about the MEDIA figures compromised
by Jeffrey Epstein are added as comments here

The Epstein Map – People and activity connected to Jeffrey Epstein, government and organised crime

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Who’s who of Jeffrey Epstein’s powerful friends,
associates and possible co-conspirators

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Search records at US DISTRICT COURT – Southern District of Florida

Dec. 2, 2021 – Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Exhibit images released [PHOTOS]

Giuffre v. Maxwell 13 Files Unsealed (Jeffrey Epstein’s Libertines), 1,999 pages, August 9, 2019 (332MB) ZIP

These links were found by searching court docket numbers:

Brown v. Maxwell, No. 18-2868 (2d Cir. 2019)
[About motions to unseal filings in the defamation case]

Selected docket entries for case 18−2868

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THE BLACK VAULT – Epstein Documents  (2025 pages, PDF)


Palm Beach County online portal with documents, videos and audio files concerning the 2006-2008 prosecution of Epstein

Private Eye, Ed Opperman has the old, old Epstein case files, court docs etc., etc. available for a small fee in his MEMBERS’ section on his website. Well worth it for journos who need to access the court records on Epstein.

Bloodlines and Messy History


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A good list of U.S. politicians –

Blackmail, Child Abuse and Q

Posted on 2020, September, 4 by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse
A list of around 89 Democratic and Republican politicians of various levels, 46 democrats and 43 republicans. . . 

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