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Pedo-Prince Andrew to give address about his association with child-rapist, Jeffrey Epstein this Saturday

This should be good . . .

NY Post
Prince Andrew to give ‘no holds barred’ interview on Jeffrey Epstein friendship

“…an interview recorded at Buckingham Palace Thursday and set to air Saturday on BBC Two at 9 p.m. local time, or 4 p.m. EST….




Where in the world is Jeffrey Epstein❔❔❔

The latest news from the Epstein pedo ring saga revives the whole idea that not only didn’t Jeffrey Epstein hang himself in the Keystone Cops’ jail in New York City but that he isn’t dead at all.

Was he whisked away under cover of no guards, no cameras, no witnesses for hours at the MCC?

Just today we read his executors in charge of handling rape victims’ claims against his huge estate have hired the supremely effective shut-up-the-claimants team that served the 9-11 planners so well.

Reuters reports:
“The proposed compensation fund, which must be approved by a U.S. Virgin Islands court, would be overseen by administrators including Jordana Feldman and Kenneth Feinberg, who have worked on compensation funds for victims affected by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.”

Let’s Review Some Oddities About the Estate –

Moments before Epstein’s “death” his entire estate was transferred to Virgin Islands’ jurisdiction even though Epstein’s death wasn’t expected and he was in good health and he had no motive for doing any such thing.

  The first move made by his estate’s executors was to try and arrange the quick disposal of claims against the estate using an off-shore scheme that only needs approval by a U.S. Virgin Islands court and could include gag orders for victims.

  After death, Epstein’s mysterious billions have vanished and his estate is said to only be worth $577 million, a fraction of previous valuations.

  After death, no US government body has looked into where his wealth came from as it has been shown he knew nothing about investing.

  The ties he had with the MOSSAD and CIA were never explored and the money trail was not followed and his missing loot was not sought after by US law enforcement even though it might amount to billions.

  His brother recounts he was looking forward to a quick release from jail and was not suicidal.

  The jail, the MCC is under federal supervision (not NYPD) and that comes under the Department of Justice headed by William Barr. His father HIRED Epstein to work at the Dalton school where his finances magically took off. William Barr’s father is OSS/CIA. William Barr has done no investigation of the lax security at MCC during the so-called suicide and the earlier “attack” there on Epstein. After responding by mail to stern senate inquiries he is pretending it all didn’t happen and that he has nothing to do with the running of his facility, the MCC.

Also – we have to ask: are the judges in US Virgina Islands connected to Lady Rothschild?

And – was his “death” timed to coincide with Les Wexner’s claim he has over $46 million missing and he blamed it all on conveniently dead Epstein?
Was he whisked away with the $46 million?
Did Wexner stumble on all or part of the missing funds after the story cooled down?

And what gigantic forces are behind the near-total media black-out on the Epstein science ties,
Wall Street ties,
intelligence ties,
Israel ties,
media ties,
Hollywood ties,
and the recently revealed Disney-ABC story-kill 3 years ago?

SEE – Epstein Executors Want Secretive Arbitration for Victims’ Comp.

Epstein Not Dead? Some Ideas –

#EpsteinCoverup Getting Disappeared




Epstein Executors Want Secretive Arbitration for Victims’ Comp.

Reuters – Executors of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate propose victim compensation fund

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The executors of the estate of Jeffrey Epstein said on Thursday they had asked a judge to approve the creation of a proposed fund to compensate women the financier was accused of having sexually abused.

. . . The executors, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, said in a statement that the fund would create a “voluntary, confidential, non-adversarial alternative to litigation.”

Shut-up money, in other words.

Disgusting. Buckingham Palace 🏰 Uses Infant as Human Shield.

They use baby Archie to deflect from child rape charges against the pedo-prince Andrew.

As the noose tightens after Australia’s damning documentary

NY Post Meghan Markle and Prince Harry share never-before-seen Archie photo

Is there no bottom for the level the palace won’t stoop to?


Another Big Media Pedo: former NBC medical correspondent, Dr. Bruce Hensel

Emmy-winning former NBC medical correspondent Dr Bruce Hensel, 71, is arrested for asking his friend’s 9-year-old daughter for ‘sexually suggestive’ photographs

Dr Bruce Hensel, 71, was arrested in Santa Monica, California, early Wednesday
He allegedly swapped ‘inappropriate’ messages to a nine-year-old girl, the daughter of an acquaintance, and requested ‘sexually suggestive’ images

This is besides the parade of media luminaries who were entertained at Epstein’s mansion in New York.

Shock! Belgium Set to Release Child Rapist, Murderer Marc Dutroux

[Sent in by a diligent reader – FC ]

UNFATHOMABLE! Belgium’s Perverted Justice System Entertains Release of Child Rapist, Murderer UNFATHOMABLE! Belgium’s Perverted Justice System Entertains Release of Child Rapist, Murderer Marc Dutroux

” . . . Late last month, Belgium’s perverted justice system — a system that appears to focus more on fairness to perverts than justice for victims — approved a request by Dutroux’s attorneys to have the monster examined by a panel of five psychiatrists to assess whether he’s suitable for reintegration into society and whether there’s a risk of recidivism. . . .
. . . . Dutroux’s ultimate objective with this newly approved psychiatric reexamination, according to news sources, is to be released from prison in 2021. If the court at that time concludes that continued incarceration is necessary, his attorneys intend to argue that he should be able to serve that time from his home while wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.”

In the US you can contact your SENATOR to ask that this international criminal stay in prison where he belongs.

Pedo Pals: the Tech Industry

Tech Firms’ Neglect Lets Pedophiles Run Rampant Online

“Search engines, social networks and cloud storage are rife with opportunities for child-pornography users and child abusers to exploit, but the tech industry has consistently failed to take aggressive steps to shut it down, The New York Times reports. The companies have the technical tools to stop the recirculation of abuse imagery by matching newly detected images against databases of the material. Yet the industry does not take full advantage of the tools.

Amazon, whose cloud storage services handle millions of uploads and downloads every second, does not even look for the imagery. Apple does not scan its cloud storage, according to federal authorities, and encrypts its messaging app, making detection virtually impossible. Dropbox, Google and Microsoft’s consumer products scan for illegal images, but only when someone shares them, not when they are uploaded. . . . “

They certainly aren’t shy about censoring the news, removing important topics like the Fukushima nuclear plant melt downs from search engines or promoting their IT champion, Hillary Clinton. – FC

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Latest Litigant, Maria Farmer, Says Ghislaine Maxwell Made Death Threat to Her

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Alleges That Ghislaine Maxwell Made Death Threat to Her After She Revealed Abuse

“Ghislaine Maxwell, the “madame” of deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein, is accused of making a death threat to Maria Farmer, according to one of the three new lawsuits filed on Nov. 12 against Epstein’s estate . . . “


Boies Law Firm Sues Epstein Estate on Behalf of Rape Victims. Dershowitz Named.

NY Law Journal –

Boies Schiller Sues Jeffrey Epstein Estate on Behalf of 3 Sexual Abuse Accusers
The lawsuits, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, include claims for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress by plaintiffs who said they met Epstein and his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, between 1995 and 2002.

“Boies Schiller Flexner attorneys on Tuesday sued the estate of Jeffrey Epstein on behalf of at least three women who said they were sexually abused by the deceased financier after being recruited into his alleged sex-trafficking network in New York.”

” . . . The complaint included a reference to former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who she said visited the mansion “on a number of occasions” and “would go upstairs at the same time the young girls were there.” . . . “

Dershowitz denies everything, blah… blah….

“All three lawsuits named Darren Indyke, a longtime attorney for Epstein, and Richard Kahn, who were named executors of Epstein’s estate following his apparent suicide in August. Indyke and Kahn are named solely as executors of the estate…”


NOTE how the press still refers to the serial child rapist, Epstein as a “financier” and calls serial child-rapist and pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell a “socialite”.

SEE ALSO – Tit-for-Tat – David Boies Sues Dershowitz for Defamation

Bring it – Dershowitz Sues Giuffre

More Shade on Att’y General, William Barr




HRM Queen of the Reptiles Attends Church at Balmoral Castle Sans Andrew


60 Minutes Australia Documentary on Epstein and the Pedo-Prince

LINK https://youtu.be/VQOOxOl9l80

The palace tries damage control with lame appearances –

MORE: 60 Minutes Australia to Air Story About Pedo-Prince Andrew & Epstein this Weekend




Epstein and Apollo Global Management

Jeffrey Epstein Had a Door Into Apollo: His Deep Ties With Leon Black

“(Bloomberg) — Almost a decade after Jeffrey Epstein was first accused of preying on young women, he still had access to the inner sanctum of Apollo Global Management.

Leon Black, Apollo’s billionaire chairman, met with the financier from time to time at the company’s New York offices, and he allowed Epstein to pitch personal tax strategies to the firm’s executives, according to people familiar with the matter. . . .” (more)




Michael Bloomberg and Ghislaine Maxwell

As this billionaire friend of Epstein enters the 2020 race let’s see if any of the MSM ask him about his pal Ghislaine Maxwell.


NBC News –
“Over the decades, she [Ghislaine Maxwell] was photographed with Epstein often, including with Trump, and separately with former talk show host Charlie Rose, former New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In a 2003 Vanity Fair profile, Epstein said Maxwell was not on his payroll but helped to organize his life. He described her simply as his “best friend.””


LINK –  https://youtu.be/2qt3bsH8uQY

Seeing Mayor Bloomberg cozy with the child-rapist, Maxwell makes this blog seem very authentic:

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