Spot the Symbolism 3


Very quick outline of some recent symbolism. I clip the photos often with description, to help me when it comes to naming who they are.

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Naomi Campbell

Naomi, I suspect is in charge of mind controlled beta kittens, a Grande Dame. Here she is seen on Eastern Star mind control programming google colours checkered floor, with Eastern Star mind control google colours stripey suit and mind control base programing black and white suited companions. See Spot the Symbolism 2 – Google and SatanicSymbolism[9].

Mail Naomi Campbell exudes effortless chic at Paris Fashion Week donning a pinstriped oversized pant suit at…

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Looking at Jean-Luc Brunel in the Epstein Flight Logs

We are looking at these flight logs


SEE ALSOJean-Luc Brunel Arrested!

Naomi Campbell Shows Off Her Illuminati Dress

Page Six Naomi Campbell shot her own Essence magazine cover at home

““It was a very special honor and unusual experience for me to be able to shoot and style my own cover for Essence’s 50th Anniversary Issue. On my iPhone,” she wrote on Instagram.”

The Dress –



Earlier posts about the pedo-pimp-model

Let’s Look at Epstein-friendly pedos in the fashion industry

Is Naomi Campbell in the Blackmail Biz?

Crazy Days and Nights blog –
Blind Items Revealed #4

This foreign born permanent A list model is acting as if nothing is amiss, but she recently sent her lawyer thousands of pages of documents and photos designed to keep her alive. She has a lot of proof of a lot of activities and proof of hookups with multiple heads of state and threesome participants who often were kind of squishy on how old they were.

Naomi Campbell


Let’s Look at Epstein-friendly pedos in the fashion industry

Pedo Prince Andrew Co. -Naples Gold Ltd

Prince Andrew Director of Naples Gold Ltd Under a False Name


Naples Gold company info

This guy, Johan Eliasch from the gold company has a place in Brazil where Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell are rumored to be hiding out.

July, 2019: Prince Andrew appoints Swedish billionaire friend as director of his Palace project to help entrepreneurs
Sports equipment tycoon Johan Eliasch will be able to add his considerable business expertise to position on the Prince’s initiative, Pitch@Palace

RelatedHow Duke Used Pseudonym To Set Up Secret Firm With Sports Tycoon

How does this tie into pedos?

Here’s how –

“Ana Paula Junqueira, 38, met Cowell when she was invited aboard his chartered
yacht Slipstream with a group of pals in St Barts in the Caribbean in

Her former husband is Swedish-born Johan Eliasch, 49, the British-based
boss of the firm Head which makes the world’s best-selling tennis racquets.
He is a close friend of Prince Andrew. Ana, a millionairess, met Johan at a party thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell.”

 Naomi Campbell posts

We’re pretty sure that Eliasch guy was on the party yacht featured in the famous photo of Virgina Roberts getting traded around with Naomi Campbell’s sleazy friends.

The Sun [UK] – BRAZEN PERV Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘teen sex slave’ appears to attend Naomi Campbell’s VIP birthday with paedo in disturbing new pics

More on the pair on page 3 of this article.




Note to Pedo-Connected Royals and Models: Your Magic Jewelry isn’t Working

Meghan Markle is wearing a £450 ‘evil eye’ necklace to protect her

Do they think gossip will die down using magic charms? Not working too great so far….

Naomi Campbell Issues a Denial While Wearing a Satanic Pentagram

She’s still wearing her illuminati eye charm –

Source: Daily Mail


What Happened in St. Tropez at Naomi Campbell’s Pervert Party and Who She Gifted a Girl to that Night

Disgusting Naomi Campbell’s party described in Exhibit KK from Virginia Roberts lawsuit (aka Virgina Giuffre) —




FROM:  [Item 9]

Epstein Saga: On Sick French Pedo, Jean-Luc Brunel

Happy Birthday, Epstein – from sick pervert pal Jean-Luc Brunel

NY PostJeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’

“Jeffrey Epstein once had three 12-year-old girls from poor families flown in from France as a sick birthday present for himself, according to newly unearthed court documents.

Virginia Giuffre — who has claimed Epstein and his gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell coerced her into being a “sex slave” when she was 15 — said in court papers that the girls who were flown in were molested by the financier and returned to France the following day.” (more)


Naomi Campbell, MC2 Agency Founder and More Linked to Epstein in Unsealed Court Documents

“Jean-Luc Brunel, an established model scout and the owner of New York-based Mc2 Model Management, who allegedly supplied Epstein with dozens of underage girls.”


Earlier Post – France Joins Demand for Epstein Investigation & His Diary May Haunt England’s Pedo-Prince

Pervert Convention: the 2019 UNICEF Summer Gala in Italy

This thing smacks of a giant money laundering, kiddie smuggling pervert fest.

Jump to the 13 min. mark –


(Earlier in the video is shows the similarity between Berlusconi’s estate where he hosted infamous orgies and Little St. James)

PHOTOS: Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler & More attend UNICEF’s Summer Gala in Italy

Heidi Klum is connected to Naomi Campbell, sex-maniac Berlusconi and suspicious Campbell “boyfriend”, Flavio Briatore who may all be mixed up in Epstein behavior.

W magazine – Inside UNICEF’s Summer Gala, Where Emily Ratajkowski, Ricky Martin, and Heidi Klum Party Together in Italy—For the Children

Klum: “It’s so important what they do, and I’ve gone on many field trips before and seen first hand so many people on the field helping children, and truly, it is amazing what they do. Education is super important, and it’s important that [people] are here, spending money,”

Let’s Look at Naomi Campbell’s Private Island

We will post notorious Epstein tool, Naomi Campbell items here – FC

Check out this super-model’s private island:


From this comment on a German blog following the Epstein story:


– to Berlusconi, Flavio Briatore, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and the Sardinian Villa certosa.

at the villa there should be Phoenician tombs

The Phoenicians viedhrenTanit and Moloch

The “Lady of Ibiza” is a statue of Tanit:

Moloch is also embodied by an owl, see Bohemian Grove and figure on the temple on Epstein Island

Flavio Briatore had an island near Epstein:

Here is Naomi Campbells Island:

Berlusconi was not only a member of the Lodge P2, but is also in the Order of Malta:

Also short-sponsor Spindelegger is a knight of Malta:

Earlier, world famous report on VIP party with Naomi Campbell and Epstein victims on parade:

Daily Mail [UK]
Is this proof Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein girl WAS paraded at VIP parties? Pictures appear to show alleged teen sex slave Virginia Roberts partying on yacht with Naomi Campbell in SAME clothes she wore in infamous Andy image