Too filthy for British tabloids: Doings at 9 E. 71 st. in 2010 during the royal visit 🏰


Prince Andrew and ANOTHER sex slave:
MoS [The Mail on Sunday] uncovers evidence the Duke of York was in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion at the same time as a victim of the horrifying abuse

  • An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered compelling evidence that a woman was sexually assaulted and forced into a sham lesbian marriage
  • The Duke has always insisted he never saw anything that aroused his suspicion
  • The revelation the Prince is believed to have been a Epstein’s house at the same time as the victim who endured such an appalling ordeal will raise questions

“Court papers seen by this newspaper say the abuse she suffered, which continued after Andrew’s infamous 2010 visit to Epstein’s £60million home, was so ‘perverted’ that lawyers considered it too graphic to be included in official public legal documents. “



Did Epstein Force Marriages to Go Around Immigration Laws? + Misc. News

Business Insider
Source: Jeffrey Epstein ordered three couples in his entourage to get married

” . . . one plaintiff, who remains anonymous, leveled a novel accusation: That the wealthy financier, with the help of an unnamed attorney, forced her to enter a fraudulent marriage with another woman in his orbit.

The plaintiff, identified in legal filings as “Katlyn Doe,” described the second woman as a “a non-United States citizen and recruiter of females for Jeffrey Epstein,” and said their marriage was designed to ensure the woman would continue to work for Epstein in the U.S. as part of “a complex system of individuals … for the purpose of harming teenage girls through sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking.””

OPINION: NY Legal System cannot wait to dump Epstein case in the ash can.

Judge invites alleged Epstein victims to speak at hearing
Hearing set for Aug. 27

(CNN) – The federal judge overseeing the case against Jeffrey Epstein on Wednesday ordered a hearing to discuss prosecutors’ effort to dismiss the indictment against the alleged sex trafficker in the wake of his death.

In a court filing, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman said he believed the Aug. 27 hearing would help shed light on the conclusion of the case against Epstein. . . .

. . . The judge added that Epstein’s alleged victims may speak at the hearing, along with their lawyers, prosecutors and Epstein’s defense team.

Prosecutors file motion to dismiss indictment
Epstein had been charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Prosecutors accused him of operating a sex trafficking ring in which he both paid underage girls to have sex with him and paid some of them to recruit other victims. . . “

Wouldn’t “conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking” be more than the supposedly-dead Epstein. Like a conspiracy with Ghislaine Maxwell the NY prosecutors seem to avoid like the plague.