1. Robin Rucker March 4, 2020 / 6:32 am

    Hey MF!!

    Can’t help but notice that Sarah Ashcraft’s twitter has been deleted again, no surprise there. She’s steadfastly stood by her claims against Hanx, HRC and others without backing up one inch.

    And as she maintains, strangely enough none of them have taken her to court for libel, slander, etc. Certainly fearing the discovery process more than anything else.

    Meanwhile, and pertaining to the same filthy swamp, couldn’t help but notice this:

    King replying to Corey Feldman & telling him to “Chill, Corey.”

    Instead of using his platform to help Feldman in whatever way in exposing even more of Pedowood, he instead uses it to marginalize and belittle him. King has shown us increasingly with every tweet exactly who he is. Think what you want of Feldman (who’s shown more than a little snake oil-careerism in all this), but a reply like this considering the subject matter is thoughtless and best, and something far more sinister and telling at worst.

    Tiff Fitzhenry put it best (paraphrasing), From someone who’s spent a lifetime being exalted by & reaping the success of sucking at the Hollywood teat, to tell a victim of that same system that was raped as a child to ‘chill?’ Yeah, that’s not too insulting.

    I know LOTS more inside stories about King that I may have to put down for posterity one day, but in all honesty, the guy is into some seriously occult, arcane shit & has hobnobbed with the elite of the elite in way more than one Eyes Wide Shut knockoff. (Or, there is a reason why child sex and pedophilia have been displayed prominently in more than a few of his “classics.”) Extremely in view in both IT and THE SHINING.

    Hanx, Spielberg, King…….it’s all coming out. And if you really look closely, it’s been there right in front of our faces all along — we just keep excusing a lot for the sake of “art.”

    Going thru his tweets, King’s hatred for Trump is visceral…..Those that scream the loudest….


    • flyingcuttlefish March 4, 2020 / 6:53 am

      yes, the Ashcraft not getting sued for libel etc. is why I re-posted it. Recall Tom Hanks’ face when Ricky Gervais called him out publicly. Those #$@!@ should all be sweating now. And more and more victims coming out of the woodwork to charge their abusers after years of silence.

      I was sorry to see Lawrence Krauss had been to Little St. James as I like his physics lectures. What a fiend.


  2. flyingcuttlefish August 14, 2020 / 8:06 pm


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