Epstein trafficked UK girls for his pedo ring

Daily Mail [UK] – Prince Andrew’s paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein ‘procured girls from Britain and flew them to the US on his private jet to be abused’, victim claims

 Maria Farmer claims Jeffrey Epstein flew girls to the US from Britain on his jet
 She has described a British woman involved as a ‘key co-conspirator’
 This is the first allegation that Epstein used his network to target UK girls

Pedo-Prince STILL on Duty for the Crown 🏰

Daily Mail [UK] –

Chinese ambassador reveals Prince Andrew is STILL representing the Queen after delivering a message expressing her sympathy for coronavirus victims

  • Duke carried a message to the Chinese government from his mother on Friday

  • He attended dinner hosted by the Chinese ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming

  • One of Duke’s first major appearances since he withdrew [sic] from public duties 

Phoney Russia-gate “investigating” Mueller team shielded suspected child abuser and pornographer while it used him as a witness


Zero HedgeMueller Probe Witness Faces 30 Years In Jail After Guilty Plea To Second Child Porn Charge

” . . . in July 2019 when Nader was indicted, Mueller’s team discovered child pornography on his phone while interviewing him about a meeting between Blackwater founder Erik Prince, the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and a high-level Russian official with ties to President Vladimir Putin, according to WaPo.

Soon after the images were discovered, prosecutors reportedly filed a criminal complaint against Nader over the images, but they kept the charges under seal, and Nader’s lawyers were never informed of his impending arrest all the while that he continued to cooperate with the Mueller probe.”

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9 East 71 Neighbor’s Doings Exposed by Crazy Days and Nights

Blind Items Revealed #37

You may want to use CONTROL + F keys to locate certain people in the article – FC


There are all sorts of common denominators between Creature and the Billionaire neighbor’s extended family. You just need to step back and look.

Retail King – Leslie Wexner
Victoria Secret
Abercrombie & Fitch
Henri Bendel
Movie Star – Richard Chamberlain
Vera Charles & friends – Private
New Media Mogul – Rupert Murdoch (he was new then)
Date – Private
+1 – Private
C&C – Bill Clinton
Creature – Jeffery Epstein
Royal BF – Prince Andrew
Heiress – Ghislaine Maxwell
Comedian/Actor at #18 – Bill Cosby
Billionaire Neighbor & Wife at #14 – Robert & Chantel Miller
Daughters – Pia Getty, Marie Chantel of “Greece”, Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Married/Divorced Husband of Youngest – Alexander Von Furstenberg
Socialite/Designer mother – Diane Von Furstenberg
Billionaire Second Husband – Barry Diller

Since the Epstein story broke we have a low opinion of Vanity Fair. Now we have a much lower opinion.

Thanks to R.R. for the tip 😉 – FC


The Jeffrey Epstein story just gets more and more suspicious, because now … surveillance video from his failed suicide attempt has mysteriously vanished.
Prosecutors revealed in court Wednesday they could not locate the footage from outside of Epstein’s cell on July 23 — the day of his first reported suicide attempt at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC. That was 2 weeks before he successfully killed himself … according to the Medical Examiner’s report.”… (more)  

NY Post ‘Missing’ footage of Epstein’s first suicide attempt found: Prosecutors

” . . . “Earlier today, the Government confirmed with [Metropolitan Correctional Center] staff that the Video was preserved by MCC staff,” Assistant US Attorneys Jason Swergold and Maurene Comey told federal judge Kenneth Karas in a court filing.”


What US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin did for Epstein

On Epstein Files Handed Off to X-Palm Beach Cop, Dougan

Related – X-Palm Beach cop: FBI might be covering for pedo-prince Andrew – plus more in comments


More Epstein Science Links – Duke, Stanford Medical School, Hong Kong and China Universities . . .

Take a look for yourself –

Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation – Recent Projects

ALT. LINK – http://archive.is/Jocif


  • Harvard University
  • the Stanford School of Medicine
  • the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
  • Xiamen University, China
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • the Virgin Islands Department of Education

Front page archive link – https://web.archive.org/web/20191001092200/http://www.jeffreyepstein.org/

NXIVM – Allison Mack Singing?


Today’s Blind Items – A New Cult
“Taken from the ashes of the one they came from, several of the members of this former sex cult, including at least two actresses, have brought several members back into the fold. They have also recruited this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show which was on purpose. They wanted that same type connection they had the last time around. Because of his star power, he has recruited a half dozen women over the past three months who are also now members. Apparently the leader is the wife of the actress all of you know.”


Palm Beach corrections division ignored rules to let Epstein out on “work-release”

Daily Mail [UK]

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein was NOT eligible for work release, Alex Acosta told prison officials, and running a fake company out of his lawyer’s office ‘undermined the purpose of jail,’ said US Attorney

  • DailyMail.com obtained letter sent from the US Attorney’s Office to the Corrections Division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office in Dec. 2008
  • ‘I understand Mr Epstein would be ineligible for participation in the work release program if he committed three violations of F.S.S. 796,’ wrote Maria Villafana 
  • ‘Mr Epstein has committed at least three violations of Section 796.07,’ explained Villafana, who only learned this after filing an FOIA for the records
  • She also pointed out that his supervisor was listed as Darren Indyke, who was an attorney in New York, meaning he could be verify Epstein’s work attendance 
  • US Attorney Alex Acosta, who was behind sweetheart deal, said ‘the treatment he received while in state custody undermined the purpose of a jail sentence’

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