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You’re not going to believe this FTX story. It’s a covid pandemic wrapped in Epstein’s Island.

“The “new covid” crisis I’m referring to is the breaking FTX.COM cryptocurrency fraud, which has soaked over a million average investors for billions and, I believe, is handily creating a convenient pretext for broad government cryptocurrency regulation.

And just wait, it also appears to scratch all our C&C itches, involving the World Economic Forum, the Clintons, the deep state, pedophile connections, and constitutes a huge democrat money-laundering operation through, of all places, Ukraine — again! the motherland of fraud! — which formed the single largest source of campaign funding for the 2022 elections, second only to lunatic billionaire George Soros.”



Why Does the Press Give Ghislaine Maxwell a Free Pass?

Why won’t the press report on serial rapist and child-groomer, Ghislaine Maxwell?

LINK –  https://youtu.be/pVXwXN8bNMI

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