On Epstein’s Co-Conspirators

NY Post
Feds eyeing woman who ‘recruited’ high schoolers for Epstein

“Names of other Epstein associates being eyed by the feds have not been released.” maybe more names coming!

Daily Mail [UK]

Five women that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein ‘relied on to recruit and train his victims’ – four of whom were given immunity under his Florida sweetheart plea deal – could now be investigated in NYC

  • Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova, Lesley Groff, and Adriana Ross were named as potential co-conspirators in Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 ‘sweetheart’ deal

  • They received immunity from Florida prosecutors but the deal does not protect them in New York. . .

We will add news here as things progress – FC





NEW – 3 More Epstein Victims Sue

Not t be confused with the recent other ones . . .

Daily Mail [UK]

Three more women sue Jeffrey Epstein’s $500m estate over alleged abuse including how he raped one with a sex toy and another who claims Ghislaine Maxwell gave her a ‘step-by-step tutorial’ on how to give him oral sex

  • The lawsuits, filed in Manhattan federal court, bring the total number of civil cases against Epstein’s estate since his apparent suicide to at least five 
  • Two of the women say they met Epstein when they were 17, while a third at 20 
  • All describe similar patterns of being brought to Epstein’s home to provide massages and then subjected to repeated, unwanted sex acts

NY judge rejects Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz’s request to have a list of his ‘recruiters’ and employees

Is the whole Southern District of New York Court system corrupt???

Daily Mail [UK]

Judge REJECTS Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser’s request to see a list of his ‘recruiters’ after his legal team filed a motion to suppress the files two days before his suicide and the petition was thrown out in light of his death

  • A New York judge has rejected Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz’s request to have a list of his ‘recruiters’ and employees 

Earlier Post – On Epstein’s other pimps (besides Maxwell)

On Epstein’s other pimps (besides Maxwell)

Aug. 10thNY Post – Meet Jeffrey Epstein’s gang of accused slave ‘recruiters’

TMZ – “32-year-old Jennifer Araoz just filed suit against Epstein’s estate, as well as one of his alleged conspirators, Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming the billionaire financier sexually abused her for more than a year, culminating in an alleged brutal rape around 2002 at his NYC home. She’s also suing 3 other women, including Epstein’s secretary and his maid, claiming they were all in on the plot.”