BREAKING: Buckingham Palace in Crisis Mode – Pedo-Prince Andrew Summoned 🏰

POISON PRINCE Prince Andrew forced to scrap visit to flood-stricken York as he’s called into crisis talks at Buckingham Palace

“PRINCE Andrew was summoned for crisis talks at Buckingham Palace yesterday morning — having scrapped a visit to villages stricken by floods.

He was also coming under growing pressure to step down from public life amid accusations he had sex with a 17-year-old girl. . .  “

Daily Mail [UK] –
Now FIVE big names cut ties with Prince Andrew: Advertising Week Europe joins Standard Chartered in pulling backing for royal’s main charity following ‘car crash’ interview – as FOUR universities consider ditching him

Maybe the queen’s groom told her what’s really going on . . . .





14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Buckingham Palace in Crisis Mode – Pedo-Prince Andrew Summoned 🏰

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    NY Post – “A British aristocrat was dumped Wednesday from turning on the Christmas lights in Prince Charles’ home town because of comments she made about Jeffrey Epstein and pedophilia on live TV.

    Royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell, 70, sparked outrage on Monday by suggesting it was OK for Prince Andrew to have remained friends with Epstein because people were over-reacting about his sex crimes.”


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    How the Queen Forced Disgraced Prince Andrew to Step Down From Public Life

    “That such the threat of subpoena should be hanging over Andrew goes a long way to explaining his mystifying decision to give an hour-long interview to one of the U.K.’s most-feared political interviewers.

    It was widely speculated after Andrew did the ill-advised sit-down that he had done it because he suspected he was about to be subpoenaed by U.S. authorities. Andrew had hoped, according to the theory, to get out ahead of any such action. He hoped the interview would allow him to win over public opinion before law enforcement closed in.”


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