Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins

Prosecutors: Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘partner in crime’

“Ghislaine Maxwell acted as powerful pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “partner in crime” and was an “essential” part of his scheme to prey on underage girls, prosecutors charged Monday, the first day of the accused madam’s hotly anticipated trial in Manhattan court.”

Daily Mail [UK] – Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s ‘partner in crime who put girls at ease and promised them the world before serving them up to be sexually abused’, prosecution claims in blistering opening statement





Nasty, Nasty Business

NASTY BUSINESS: A Himmmm Blind Item Story

“Many people had forgotten (or maybe didn’t know) of ████’s family and their relations with foreign leaders. Especially third-world dictators. ████ was actually the missing link in a bizarre nexus of people who otherwise may never cross paths. From Hollywood celebrities, to global corrupt military leaders, to technology businessmen — ████ knew so many of them. Her father had paved the way, so it was easy for her to follow.

This is why, when the sexually criminal actions of ████ and Monster, began to be a “thing” among the rich and powerful — they needed more privacy. So it was ████ who found a very secluded island for their activities. This place and its many crimes have been documented many times (including by our pals at CDAN and in the mainstream press). But what is not as well known is this other foreign locale; nearly a country almost to themselves.”

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Dershowitz and Maxwell Lawyers Feud Over Records’ Unsealing

NY Daily News
Alan Dershowitz argues against Ghislaine Maxwell’s plea for secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein case

“They were both buddies with Jeffrey Epstein, but Alan Dershowitz and Ghislaine Maxwell don’t agree whether documents about the multimillionaire perv should be unsealed.

The noted Harvard Law professor split with Maxwell in a filing in Manhattan Federal Court, opposing her request to keep documents in a case brought against her by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre under seal.

Lots of A-List pedos getting very nervous. Also, according to his M.O. the only motive Dersh has for unsealing records is to get names of victims so he can pay them to shut up or abuse them some more by smearing them in court. [opinion]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Message Pads and the Damning Evidence on Them

The MESSAGE PAD evidence is in THIS 2024 PAGE DOCUMENT.

The message pad topic comes up on these pages (use CONTROL + F key to search “message pad” in the document)

  • 844
  • 847-849
  • 886
  • 901
  • 911
  • 948
  • 963
  • 1139-1141
  • 1192
  • 1881


July – The Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal has some of the biggest names in America shaking in their boots right now

“We don’t know how deep this went, how far reaching it went in government but there’s been a lot of people that I could see their names on these message pads, as part of the evidence, these message pads where they would call Epstein and leave messages such as, “Oh, I’m at this hotel”.

‘Why do you do that except that you’re expecting him perhaps to send a girl to visit you at your hotel? So there’s probably quite a few powerful and important people who are sweating it out right now,’ [Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie] Brown said.”

The reason the Epstein message pads are important is the contain famous names and they record evidence with time and date that refute some VIP’s denials that they were being serviced by Epstein’s under-age slaves.

Messages left for multi-millionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein around the time Palm Beach Police first started their investigation into the registered sex offender in 2005 show that he might have been trying to procure two eight-year-old girls.

The message pad also showed calls Epstein received from a former member of the British royal family along with details of an iconic designer’s weekend visit to his mansion in Palm Beach and multiple messages from his close friend Jean-Luc Brunel.”

NEW – 3 More Epstein Victims Sue

Not t be confused with the recent other ones . . .

Daily Mail [UK]

Three more women sue Jeffrey Epstein’s $500m estate over alleged abuse including how he raped one with a sex toy and another who claims Ghislaine Maxwell gave her a ‘step-by-step tutorial’ on how to give him oral sex

  • The lawsuits, filed in Manhattan federal court, bring the total number of civil cases against Epstein’s estate since his apparent suicide to at least five 
  • Two of the women say they met Epstein when they were 17, while a third at 20 
  • All describe similar patterns of being brought to Epstein’s home to provide massages and then subjected to repeated, unwanted sex acts

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

So many of the jet-set circle around pedophiles Ghislaine Maxwell and the invisible/dead Jeffrey Epstein we will put news here about them.
These are people not listed in posts about the flight logs or other posts.

Mellon is a big banking family in the U.S.
Tamara Mellon runs with all the people listed in Epstein’s black book:

We found this interesting photo – Rupert Murdoch with pedo, Maxwell.


This sick not-in-jail child rapist, Ghislaine Maxwell has a good biography here:

2011 – The Daily Mail [UK] – Epstein’s Girl Friday ‘fixer’: Dead tycoon’s daughter Ghislaine Maxwell and the girls she hired for paedophile’s stable

“‘Ghislaine was a photographer and she took many of the nude pictures that were all over the houses, including the ones of me in a hammock that Bill Clinton and Andrew and all their visitors had to have seen.”

Let’s Look at Naomi Campbell’s Private Island

We will post notorious Epstein tool, Naomi Campbell items here – FC

Check out this super-model’s private island:


From this comment on a German blog following the Epstein story:


– to Berlusconi, Flavio Briatore, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and the Sardinian Villa certosa.

at the villa there should be Phoenician tombs

The Phoenicians viedhrenTanit and Moloch

The “Lady of Ibiza” is a statue of Tanit:

Moloch is also embodied by an owl, see Bohemian Grove and figure on the temple on Epstein Island

Flavio Briatore had an island near Epstein:

Here is Naomi Campbells Island:

Berlusconi was not only a member of the Lodge P2, but is also in the Order of Malta:

Also short-sponsor Spindelegger is a knight of Malta:

Earlier, world famous report on VIP party with Naomi Campbell and Epstein victims on parade:

Daily Mail [UK]
Is this proof Prince Andrew’s Jeffrey Epstein girl WAS paraded at VIP parties? Pictures appear to show alleged teen sex slave Virginia Roberts partying on yacht with Naomi Campbell in SAME clothes she wore in infamous Andy image