NEW – 3 More Epstein Victims Sue

Not t be confused with the recent other ones . . .

Daily Mail [UK]

Three more women sue Jeffrey Epstein’s $500m estate over alleged abuse including how he raped one with a sex toy and another who claims Ghislaine Maxwell gave her a ‘step-by-step tutorial’ on how to give him oral sex

  • The lawsuits, filed in Manhattan federal court, bring the total number of civil cases against Epstein’s estate since his apparent suicide to at least five 
  • Two of the women say they met Epstein when they were 17, while a third at 20 
  • All describe similar patterns of being brought to Epstein’s home to provide massages and then subjected to repeated, unwanted sex acts

4 thoughts on “NEW – 3 More Epstein Victims Sue

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  3. flyingcuttlefish August 23, 2019 / 2:32 am

    ” . . . revealed [Epstein] used a vast network of shell companies in order to manage his vast sex trafficking operation and movie money around”

    starts 3 min. in –


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