On the Switcheroo at the US Southern District of NY court just before the Ghislaine Maxwell pinch

This topic may be a big nothing – but the timing certainly is ODD – so we are writing about it. – FC

  . Recall big headlines about 2 weeks ago when Manhattan’s chief federal prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman was suddenly canned.
He was in charge of the most powerful federal court in New York and maybe the nation. He was fired by DoJ boss William Barr.
Many interesting theories appear on the internet connecting this action to the arrest of uber-pedo, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Mining Awareness has a lot on Barr in this article – Ghislaine Maxwell Charged in Manhattan Federal Court for Conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein to Sexually Abuse Minors

Raw Story did a lot of tweets about the Berman firing

If some want to delve into large money movements by Trump in NY real estate in the 80s the book, Assassination Of New York by Robert Fitch is a must read. Some are speculating about money laundering etc. and those transactions.

Other oddities pointed out by Mind Control Missile Murder Madness – ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING

Adam Klasfeld is a good court beat reporter in NY – https://threadreaderapp.com/user/KlasfeldReports

Kirby Sommers tweets on it. Lots of others weigh in on the #SDONY topic.

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On Andrew, the record speaks for itself

It isn’t all Virginia Giuffre’s testimony that the Duke of York, royal resident of Buckingham Palace and title holder to vast properties around the globe is a world class lout.

She is backed up by witnesses. Here’s one –

You may download the file set from our Research Page and get the link from the line that reads,
“Giuffre v. Maxwell 13 Files Unsealed (Jeffrey Epstein’s Libertines), 1,999 pages, August 9, 2019”
This is from the folder called “280”. – FC




NY judge rejects Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz’s request to have a list of his ‘recruiters’ and employees

Is the whole Southern District of New York Court system corrupt???

Daily Mail [UK]

Judge REJECTS Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser’s request to see a list of his ‘recruiters’ after his legal team filed a motion to suppress the files two days before his suicide and the petition was thrown out in light of his death

  • A New York judge has rejected Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz’s request to have a list of his ‘recruiters’ and employees 

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