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Try Not to See Satanic Connections to Epstein Cabal

Epstein Prince Andrew and The Mega Group 1

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Epstein Prince Andrew and The Mega Group 2

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Epstein Prince Andrew and The Mega Group 3


Gets into Crimen sollicitationis –
“diocese investigators used it to silence the accusers”

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Release of 1,000 names coming any day when court unseals records




Where in the world is Jeffrey Epstein❔❔❔

The latest news from the Epstein pedo ring saga revives the whole idea that not only didn’t Jeffrey Epstein hang himself in the Keystone Cops’ jail in New York City but that he isn’t dead at all.

Was he whisked away under cover of no guards, no cameras, no witnesses for hours at the MCC?

Just today we read his executors in charge of handling rape victims’ claims against his huge estate have hired the supremely effective shut-up-the-claimants team that served the 9-11 planners so well.

Reuters reports:
“The proposed compensation fund, which must be approved by a U.S. Virgin Islands court, would be overseen by administrators including Jordana Feldman and Kenneth Feinberg, who have worked on compensation funds for victims affected by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.”

Let’s Review Some Oddities About the Estate –

Moments before Epstein’s “death” his entire estate was transferred to Virgin Islands’ jurisdiction even though Epstein’s death wasn’t expected and he was in good health and he had no motive for doing any such thing.

  The first move made by his estate’s executors was to try and arrange the quick disposal of claims against the estate using an off-shore scheme that only needs approval by a U.S. Virgin Islands court and could include gag orders for victims.

  After death, Epstein’s mysterious billions have vanished and his estate is said to only be worth $577 million, a fraction of previous valuations.

  After death, no US government body has looked into where his wealth came from as it has been shown he knew nothing about investing.

  The ties he had with the MOSSAD and CIA were never explored and the money trail was not followed and his missing loot was not sought after by US law enforcement even though it might amount to billions.

  His brother recounts he was looking forward to a quick release from jail and was not suicidal.

  The jail, the MCC is under federal supervision (not NYPD) and that comes under the Department of Justice headed by William Barr. His father HIRED Epstein to work at the Dalton school where his finances magically took off. William Barr’s father is OSS/CIA. William Barr has done no investigation of the lax security at MCC during the so-called suicide and the earlier “attack” there on Epstein. After responding by mail to stern senate inquiries he is pretending it all didn’t happen and that he has nothing to do with the running of his facility, the MCC.

Also – we have to ask: are the judges in US Virgina Islands connected to Lady Rothschild?

And – was his “death” timed to coincide with Les Wexner’s claim he has over $46 million missing and he blamed it all on conveniently dead Epstein?
Was he whisked away with the $46 million?
Did Wexner stumble on all or part of the missing funds after the story cooled down?

And what gigantic forces are behind the near-total media black-out on the Epstein science ties,
Wall Street ties,
intelligence ties,
Israel ties,
media ties,
Hollywood ties,
and the recently revealed Disney-ABC story-kill 3 years ago?

SEE – Epstein Executors Want Secretive Arbitration for Victims’ Comp.

Epstein Not Dead? Some Ideas –

#EpsteinCoverup Getting Disappeared




Epstein Not Dead? Some Ideas –

Many are wondering if  Jeffery Epstein went missing from jail and didn’t die there.

The famous gurney photo seems as fake as the burger joint Ghislaine Maxwell photo.

Some suggest the faked picture looks like Anthony Bourdain.

Epstein’s MOSSAD connections avail him to many options besides scrutiny in a sensational trial and prison.

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠    ♠    ♠    ♠    

Here is an extra oddity we just noticed – this Epstein associate seems to have “faked his own death”.  See The Digital Entertainment Network and Epstein.

This Epstein co-hort, Al Seckel, had a similar “death” –

“Though the article appeared shortly after Seckel’s supposed death, it was never updated to reflect Seckel’s passing.  Asked why, author Mark Oppenheimer told THR in an email: “I was never able to establish to my satisfaction that Seckel had died.” Though he didn’t devote a lot of time to the question, he continued, “I always had my suspicions that maybe he faked his own death; it would have been in character.” Others who knew Seckel also have their doubts that he’s dead and, in fact, it’s difficult to verify; authorities in France did not respond to inquiries. And, after all, the man had a passion for illusions.”

The recent news about Epstein’s autopsy reveals the scene of the death, his cell, was all tidied up and evidence tampered with after his so-called suicide. And the NY medical examiner seemed to be in the same rush that Scalia’s Texas judge was in when she ruled no foul play without looking at the body.

 And we saw this take on the ABC News“leak” by Amy Robach. This fellow says it was scripted, that Project Veritas is a set up, and that the whole point of the episode is to re-enforce the idea that Epstein is not missing but died in the jail cell.

LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_wBg4Ihs40

  • If we see other oddities we’ll add them here -FC