#EpsteinCoverup Getting Disappeared




18 thoughts on “#EpsteinCoverup Getting Disappeared

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    Washington Times – Elite media inexcusably ignore Jeffrey Epstein-ABC scandal

    ” . . . . Columbia Journalism Review, which exists to cover, um, journalism, has not once mentioned the ABC video. NPR’s “On the Media,” produced partially with taxpayer dollars, has not mentioned the story — though the ostensibly media-focused program run a lengthy segment on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ “black nationalist origins.” Jay Rosen, a prominent media critic and professor of journalism at NYU, has not once mentioned the story on his popular Twitter feed or on his widely read blog. (An emailed question as to why he has ignored the story went unanswered.) Neither has Margaret Sullivan, the media columnist at Washington’s other newspaper. And that’s double bizarre because Ms. Sullivan has been dogged in her criticism of NBC for its role in suppressing the news about Harvey Weinstein.

    And then there’s CNN, which has not once mentioned the story on air.”


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