MIT Bagged $1.7 MILLION from Epstein – slight revision in earlier amount

The Daily Mail [UK]
MIT Media Lab director RESIGNS after it emerged he secretly took $1.7MILLION in donations from Epstein – far more than the $800,000 the school apologized for – and disguised them by saying they came from an anonymous donor or ‘Voldemort’

  • MIT took an extra $900,000 from Epstein than it admitted accepting
  • The admission came from Joi Ito, the school’s Media Lab Director, on Wednesday
  • The school tried to disguise the payments by saying they were from an anonymous donor 
  • Now, the school’ senior bosses are looking into Ito’s conduct  
  • MIT President President Rafael Reif apologized to Epstein’s victims in August
  • He said the funds totaling $800K went to MIT Media Lab or Professor Seth Lloyd 
  • Two MIT staff members resigned in August around the time it became public
  • One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts, claims to have slept with the late MIT professor Marvin Minsky

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John Glenn flew on Lolita Express

Looking at this file (containing flight logs, page 335) – we see JOHN GLENN on the passenger list.

Formerly respected astronaut and US senator turns out to be another sleazeball friend of Epstein’s.

What’s Google Got to Hide?

Since Epstein’s death (or disappearance) from jail in New York this blog has has great traffic. More articles from many new media outlets are flooding the internet and social media is exploding with the topic.

Inexplicably, Google Trends shows the topic fall off a cliff the day after the bombshell headlines.

It looks as if Google and co. have something to hide. Like all of Silicon Valley has something to hide. Lest us forget Epstein’s secretive “Science Foundation” in Palm Beach.

Elon Musk and Epstein

The Observer Elon Musk Is the Latest Powerful Person Haunted By Epstein’s Death

[NY Times’ James B.] Stewart wrote that, before booking the interview, he’d heard a rumor that Epstein was advising Musk on a crisis response strategy after Musk’s explosive tweet about taking Tesla private backfired with shareholders and the SEC. (Musk posted the tweet on August 7. Stewart interviewed Epstein on August 16.)

Stewart also said he’d heard that Epstein was compiling a list of candidates to replace Musk as Tesla’s board chairman, which later became part of the agreement under Tesla’s settlement with the SEC.”

Epstein has many Silicon Valley ties through is mysterious “Science Foundation” in Palm Beach.
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