MIT Bagged $1.7 MILLION from Epstein – slight revision in earlier amount

The Daily Mail [UK]
MIT Media Lab director RESIGNS after it emerged he secretly took $1.7MILLION in donations from Epstein – far more than the $800,000 the school apologized for – and disguised them by saying they came from an anonymous donor or ‘Voldemort’

  • MIT took an extra $900,000 from Epstein than it admitted accepting
  • The admission came from Joi Ito, the school’s Media Lab Director, on Wednesday
  • The school tried to disguise the payments by saying they were from an anonymous donor 
  • Now, the school’ senior bosses are looking into Ito’s conduct  
  • MIT President President Rafael Reif apologized to Epstein’s victims in August
  • He said the funds totaling $800K went to MIT Media Lab or Professor Seth Lloyd 
  • Two MIT staff members resigned in August around the time it became public
  • One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts, claims to have slept with the late MIT professor Marvin Minsky

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