Pedo’s Mum, the Queen Goes on Full Damage Control < Updated

The Queen’s has given her right-hand woman and confidante Angela Kelly permission to write an unprecedented access-all-areas book.

Great! We can look forward to lots of fascinating photos of the vivacious monarch!

Let’s not talk about pedos in Buckinham Palace, the long, long history of royals who are pedos or all those missing kids or that tunnel under Buckingham Palace to the pervert favorite watering hole, the Tramp Club.

21 thoughts on “Pedo’s Mum, the Queen Goes on Full Damage Control < Updated

  1. flyingcuttlefish September 23, 2019 / 4:47 pm

    The Mirror:
    Eight things you’re forbidden from doing in the Queen’s presence

    Full of stupid stuff like this – “Don’t touch Her Maj.”

    That’s THEIR list.
    Here is OUR list:

    1 Don’t display a MIRROR in front of Her Maj.
    2 Don’t wear a garlic necklace in front of Her Maj.
    3 Don’t comment on her scaly skin or split tongue.
    4 Just ignore it if she zaps a fly out of the air with her tongue and eats it. It’s just her way.
    5 Do put a cross worn on a necklace inside your clothes.
    6 Leave tabloids at home. There could be unfortunate headlines on them.
    7 Pretend not to notice is meat is served raw.
    8 By all means – wear GLOVES!


  2. flyingcuttlefish September 24, 2019 / 9:54 am


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  4. flyingcuttlefish September 27, 2019 / 8:56 pm


  5. flyingcuttlefish September 29, 2019 / 9:39 am

    NY Post – FBI expands Epstein probe; hopes to snare more Prince Andrew accusers

    ” . . . FBI has briefed Scotland Yard on its expanded probe.

    Dai Davies, former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard who was in charge of Prince Andrew’s protection in the late 1990s, told the Sunday Times a renewed investigation is in the “public interest.””

    “About 100 of Epstein’s victims are expected to form part of the FBI’s investigation, most of whom were between 14 and 15 years old when they were lured into Epstein’s circle. More than 80 have already been identified.”


  6. flyingcuttlefish September 29, 2019 / 10:15 am

    “On Sunday, the Times gets loose. The conflict of interest that embarrasses #BorisJohnson is a case of ass, the FBI is investigating the #PrinceAndrew in the #Epstein case, and BoJo will not join #JohnMajor in the Order of the Garter despite his apologies to the Queen .”


  7. flyingcuttlefish September 29, 2019 / 11:46 am


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