The Duchess of York Firestorm

CNN – Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: New details reveal acrimonious split between Epstein and Duke of York

” . . . According to interviews with three people with direct knowledge of the events, Epstein grew irate in late February 2011 after the New York Post published a photograph of the prince walking in Central Park with Epstein in late December 2010.
The accompanying article, headlined  ”Prince & Perv,” generated a barrage of negative publicity about the prince’s years-long friendship with Epstein. On March 7, 2011, Sarah Ferguson admitted publicly that she had accepted GBP 15,000 ($24,000) from Epstein to help pay an employee to whom she owed money.
On the advice of her publicist, James Henderson, the Duchess gave an interview to London’s Evening Standard in which she expressed extreme contrition for her lack of judgment by accepting the funds from Epstein. With the interview, she put a clear divide between herself and Epstein. “I abhor pedophilia,” she said, adding that she’d had no knowledge of Epstein’s alleged relationships with under-age girls when she took the money.
According to Henderson, Epstein’s reaction to Ferguson’s statement was swift and dramatic. First Henderson received what  he described as a “deeply unpleasant” phone call from Epstein, who threatened Henderson with a defamation lawsuit if a statement was not issued retracting the word “pedophile.”  . . . “ (more)

NY Post – Inside the ugly split between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew

OPINION: Doesn’t all this “news” look like a product of a P.R. firm hired by Buckingham Palace to do some damage control on the pedo-prince who is now getting huge amounts of damning publicity over his years of pedo/rape activities?


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