Re-Thinking the mystery death of Justice Scalia after Epstein revelations

[2016] - Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling? < ♦ UPDATED

We were just thinking how Epstein’s jail “death” was so similar to the odd death/murder of Justice Scalia in that odd place that seems so like the Zorro Ranch.

Here are few things that came up under a search for Epstein and Scalia –

So Very Strange . . .

Last Week:Senate confirms Eugene Scalia as labor secretary

“The Senate voted 53-44 on Thursday to confirm Eugene Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as labor secretary.

The big picture: The position was previously filled by acting Secretary Patrick Pizzella after Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigned in July amid renewed pushback over his role in Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal.

Scalia is a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He previously worked at the Labor Department during President George W. Bush’s administration and served as an assistant to now-Attorney General William Barr in the 1990s.”


          • Acosta tied to Epstein in an awful way with that sweetheart court deal.
          • Barr tied closely to Epstein as his spook father HIRED him to work at that rich kids’ school.

Mind Control Missile Murder Madness

“As an entry point into the initial hinting at what may be going on behind the scenes, Scalia averaged 258 trips over the last 10 years, all privately funded by “mystery donors.” This is not conjecture; this is fact. The company he was keeping on his last “outing” may provide a clue about the nature of some of these other trips fired off at a rate of twice a month for the last decade.

In 2011, Scalia came under fire when, while the Koch Brothers Citizens United case was pending, he accepted the gift of 21 free trips from the Koch Brothers, and declined to remove himself from the ruling. Scalia also went on numerous “duck hunting trips” at a “private camp” in Southern Louisiana, in the company of Dick Cheney in late 2003, while the Supreme Court agreed to take up the Vice President’s appeal over his handling and nature of the mysterious “Energy Task Force.” For nearly three years, Cheney was fighting demands that he reveal who attended his Energy Policy meetings, long thought to include Kenneth Lay when he was chairman of Enron. A lower court ruled that Cheney must turn over all documents before the Supreme Court decided to hear the appeal. It has long been speculated that the seeds of the entire 9/11 operation lay within the framework of Cheney’s shadowy Energy Task Force, which also contained the blueprints for the takeover of the entire Caspian region to assume control of its oil, all reaching back to the year 2000 and even earlier, and all exhibiting massive foresight despite the Bush administration’s complete denials of any previous plans to invade the Middle East prior to answering that 9/11 revenge call.”

” . . . It must also be noted that Southern Louisiana, site of the Cheney and Scalia “duck hunting trips,” was at that exact time a veritable hotbed of Satanic activity, being the epicenter of the horrific Hosanna Church of Ponchatoula, which was nothing more than a church masquerading as a cult, a microcosm now explaining even the mighty Catholic Church as it turns out. In 2005 it was revealed that, since 2000, the small Ponchatoula community had been filled with pentagrams, hooded robes, cat and human blood, a veritable arsenal of guns and knives, truckloads of computer and recording equipment, and a pedophile ring that abused and ritually raped over 25 children from the ages of 1-16.”

” . . . On a final note that somehow brings everything full magick circle, it was just announced in January that none other than Louis Freeh had been added to the Jeffrey Epstein legal team set to defend him in the ongoing litigation vis-a-vis the latest pedophile charges brought against him by Virginia Roberts and all the other unnamed “Jane Does” in the paperwork. And yes, this is the same connected Louis Freeh that was ex-head of the FBI under Clinton and that [he] was appointed to bury the evidence of a more massive conspiracy concerning what happened in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania and at Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile, which served as a grooming factory and widespread distribution network of underage boys and girls to the elite pedophiles of this nation and beyond. Another story that should have only begun with the principle Sandusky, not ended. And so it goes.” (more)


Former Victim Claims Scalia Was a Pedophile

“Gordon Duff of Veterans Today wrote the article Scalia Sleeps with the Fishes exposing the fact that Scalia was a pedophile and that he was killed at a rent boy ranch in Texas where the rich and famous go to indulge in pedophilia. Apparently the article was originally banned from viewing in the US, but is still active at that hyperlink at the time of writing.”


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