The father of CRISPR, gene editing technology tied to Jeffrey Epstein

2019 - Citing ‘nerd tunnel vision,’ biologist George Church apologizes for contacts with Jeffrey Epstein

“Church also has unquestioned scientific gravitas, having helped develop genome sequencing as well as CRISPR genome editing, and founded or advised dozens of biotech companies.”

Before It’s NewsEpstein’s plan to genetically modify humanity


Alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a dream: He wanted to ‘seed the human race with his DNA’

Opinion- What if Jeffrey Epstein’s Biggest Crime Wasn’t Raping Children?





10 thoughts on “The father of CRISPR, gene editing technology tied to Jeffrey Epstein

  1. Robin Rucker January 25, 2020 / 3:50 am

    Hey MF!!

    Guess who? Haha! Brace for more incoming…..this likely doesn’t belong here, but what the hell, since everything is connecting to everything I’m running with it!

    More on the looming technology front: this particular “conspiracy” has multiple facets, including Bill Gates & Co. happening to run simulations on this very scenario (coronavirus) 3 months ago strangely enough, and surprise! Pirbright Group already has a vaccine up and running — based on nanotech & whose stock is already up 60%. Who are the major stakeholders in Pirbright Institute? Gates Foundation & the WHO.

    But just to get even conspiracy-er, check this out:

    Wuhan province, which is ground zero, just happened to be the very 1st to roll out 5G commercial apps, last — wait for it — Halloween. Yes, Halloween!! You can’t make this cr*p up, I swear.

    While all the scientists are trying to hang this on poor bats and snakes being consumed, what are the odds that the province in China that 1st launched 5G now happens to be the epicenter of a deadly virus where folks are dropping dead in the streets??

    What if the deaths are from not a virus but a cellular degradation caused by 5G that just mimics virus effects??

    Exposure to 5G waves leads to “flu-like symptoms,” & can lead to a whole host of symptoms that mimic viral pathogens.

    The jury is still out, but if the US patient in Washington State can be confirmed as having actually been in Wuhan, I’d say we’ve got a circumstantial case for the above. Either that, or they’ve worked out a way to transmit 5G effects from human-to-human without actually experiencing 5G — in which case we’ve got a brand new set of problems….

    …..& that sound like a combo platter of the Andromeda Strain and The Stand.

    Cue up “Don’t Fear The Reaper…”

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