On Epstein’s Lolita Express Flight Logs

As more information is released this post will serve as an INDEX PAGE for information about the Flight Logs and pilot testimony. – FC

New documents show what initials “G.M.” on the Lolita Express stand for –

Other items will get posted here later


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  1. flyingcuttlefish August 17, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    ON the topic of airports that seem pedo-friendly –
    [copy of entire post]

    Variety UK, an international children’s charity of the entertainment industry, Sunshine Coaches and Jimmy Savile.. takes us to Hackremo, Santa Fe Relocation and Prince Andrew (pizzagate)

    submitted 4.4 hours ago by letsdothis3

    From The Royal honeymoon and a Saudi hotel chain that takes us from the City of London back to the Podestas and the Acorn Group

    Another company linked with Hackremo is Northern & Shell Properties Ltd https://www.firstreport.co.uk/Company/04104529/NORTHERN-SHELL-PROPERTIES-LIMITED…Owner : Richard Desmond

    The media tycoon [Richard Desmond] has provided a much-needed, brand new Sunshine Coach for children’s charity Variety to transport its members at Grangewood School to and from events.

    Jimmy Savile: Variety launches investigation into claims Savile molested children on Sunshine Coaches

    He said: “Savile was involved in the Variety Club in Leeds and used to go to all these presentations of the coaches in the area.

    Variety, the Charity company information https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/00509811/officers


    Every day our famous Sunshine Coaches transport thousands of young people.

    Most are used by schools or organisations for children with special needs.


    Showbiz traditions run deep in Variety. Because the first Annual Dinner and Ball in Pittsburgh in 1928 was staged in a Big Top, the branches have always been referred to as ‘Tents’ and the members are called ‘Barkers.’

    Variety was started in the UK in 1949 with a dinner at The Savoy attended by film moguls, agents and celebrities, all eager to freely donate their time and talent to help raise funds for children. Since then, more than £270 million has been raised by Variety in the UK; funding 5,000+ Sunshine Coaches, almost the same number of wheelchairs, thousands of grants to individual children and life-saving support for children’s hospitals, hospices and youth clubs.

    And each year tens of thousands of children are taken on great days out by our wonderful Variety Great Days Out team.


    Biography of Harold Tillman CBE, the 2019 Chief Barker

    Harold Tillman CBE is an established entrepreneur across fashion and business and is an ambassador and champion of British fashion. He has held pro bono positions, including acting as the longest serving Chairman of the British Fashion Council, as a former Trustee of the V&A, and as Chair of the Fundraising Board for the London College of Fashion.

    Harold has been a long standing supporter of Variety and founded the charity’s “Patrons of Variety”, created to fund the work of Variety while bringing together philanthropic and eminent individuals to celebrate the charity.

    Tillman with james Corden : https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1079959/Fashion-boss-Harold-Tillman-chairmanship-children-s-charity-Variety

    Patrons of Variet at No. 10 Dowing Street https://www.variety.org.uk/news/2015/12/patrons-variety-no10-downing-street

    Samantha Cameron hosted a reception for the Patrons of Variety at No.10 Downing Street on Tuesday 1st December.

    Photos from their gallery:

    Margaret Thatcher https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/unforgettable-moments/margaret-thatcher Margaret Thatcher attending a Variety Club children’s party in 1985.

    Princess Diana with Richard Attenborough https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/unforgettable-moments/hrh-princess-diana

    The eleven founding fathers (creepy) https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/unforgettable-moments/the-eleven-founding-fathers

    Winston Churchill https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/unforgettable-moments/sir-winston-churchill Chief Barker C.J. Latta presented the International Humanitarian Award to Sir Winston Churchill on July 5th 1956. Pictured with him are Nat Cohen, Sir Winston’s daughter Sarah, Sir Tom O’ Brien and Major Alfred Huskisson.

    Sir Alexander Fleming https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/unforgettable-moments/sir-alexander-fleming Sir Alexander Fleming, pioneer of penicillin, with C.J. Latta and Jim Carreras at a Variety Club Lunch in 1954.

    Another Barker :

    Lloyd Barr – 1996 https://www.variety.org.uk/photos/former-chief-barkers/lloyd-barr

    Highlights of his year as Chief Barker include opening, with Princess Diana, the children’s A&E unit at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, and leading Variety Club’s celebration of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s 75th birthday at the Whitehall Banqueting Suite. After his year as Chief Barker, he served as Treasurer until 2003 and is currently Chairman of Administration. Lloyd has also been Treasurer of Variety International and is a Freeman of the City of London.

    One of their supporters is the St. James Place Foundation https://www.variety.org.uk/who-we-are/our-supporters/corporate-supporters/st-james-place-foundation

    St. James’s Place Foundation has pledged a minimum of £340,000 to part-fund up to 20 more life-changing Sunshine Coaches for special needs schools across the UK.


    The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group. St. James’s Place Wealth Management is a leading UK wealth management company.

    https://www.sjpfoundation.co.uk/about-the-foundation/history.aspx The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation was established by the Directors of St. James’s Place in 1992, the same year that the company began trading (as J. Rothschild Assurance). ..In 1991, The St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group is established, under the name of the J.Rothschild Assurance Group by Mike Wilson CBE, Sir Mark Weinberg and Lord Rothschild.

    St. James’s Place mentioned in this post: Another look at the McCanns’ connections with RAF Lossiemouth, the disbanded Canadian Airborne Regiment and another case of pedophilia

    Video mentions a visit of a priest from RAF Lossiemouth 3 weeks after Madeleine went missing ..The next day they get confirmation that they will have a visit to the Vatican. (A private plane was laid on by Sir Philip Green).

    Apparently Prince Andrew was Honorary Air Commodore of RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland since 1996

    The second video which needs mentioning is: Madeleine McCann the Dutch connection ..dr paul jeromeweinberger worked at Portman down ..Dr Paul Weinberger and his wife are directors of a company called Diasolve Ltd at 7-7c Snuff Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1DU

    The accountant’s address at 7-7c Snuff Street manages 174 companies there: https://www.companieshousedata.co.uk/a/3177184 ..Quite an interesting bunch of companies. ..St. James’s Place

    Interesting that Prince Andrew name pops up. Remember at the start of this post, the company Hackremo is mentioned? Connected to media magnate Richard Desmond..who hired a Sunshine Coach from Variety for an outing… I have made a number of posts (largely overlooked) in the past to do with this company.. (I need to do a diagram now to highlight its significance to the whole pizzagate network) but I last mentioned it in this post:

    Prince Andrew touted as Donald Trump’s golf escort on UK trip, a dodgy property deal, Sir Alan Reid and an Honours system under scrutiny after sex abuser kept title for year

    Prince Andrew’s Pitch at Palace …Ella’s Kitchen is a company that makes organic baby and toddler food, sold in supermarkets internationally .. Ella’s Kitchen sold to The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., ..Hain Celestial Group is involved with the Core Club NYC

    Ella’s Kitchen was founded in 2006 by Paul Lindley ..He is an author of a best-selling book Little Wins: The Power of Thinking Like a Toddler and is a co-founder of a social enterprise called The Key is E with former child soldier and international hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal. He was previously deputy managing director of Nickelodeon UK. ..Paul Lindley sits on the Santander SME advisory board and is an ambassador for the Family and Childcare Trust. international firm Carillion .. known to have received investment from HSBC, Barclays and Santander.

    Carillion, Capita, Serco and Interserve run by criminals..Hackremco is the previous name of Interdean, one of the companies owned by Paul Evans, … Evans runs Santa Fe Relocation

    Santa Fe Relocation works with Chambers of Commerce around the world.. so does Prince Andrew .. [More about that here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagatewhatever/3247516/18886914%5D

    Got to stop there for now.

    Related : Simon Astaire is PR man to the royals and friend of the St. Barbara mass murderer Elliot Rodger. Astaire had a Variety Sunshine Coach named after him.


    • flyingcuttlefish August 17, 2019 / 2:36 pm

      [ comment REPLIES to above ]

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 1 point (+1|-0) 2.4 hours ago (edited 2.3 hours ago)

      Dr. Valerie Sinason advises Norwood charity, Queen Elizabeth II is the patron. See: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3386949/20210757

      Related posts:

      All signs point to British Rothschild Enclave–Milton Keynes (MK), Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Bucks County–as epicenter of Global VIP pedophile ring by @swordfish69

      Accounts of abuse as Stoke Mandeville suggest that Savile was taking part in MK Ultra experiments, primarily to cause Dissociative Identity Disorder in patients. Valerie Sinason, the author who brought the story of Kim Noble to light, has cited Savile and many VIP politicians as being at the heart of an international pedophile conspiracy. the acronym ‘MK’ is a nod to Rothschild involvement in CIA, MI6, ect.

      The many coincidences surrounding TAVISTOCK by @kestrel9

      Dr Valerie Sinason, founder of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, was Consultant Child Psychotherapist at the TAVISTOCK CLINIC from 1987 to 1999; Consultant Psychotherapist at both the Anna Freud and Portman Clinics from 1994 to 1997; and from 1994 to 2006 a Consultant Research Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst at St George’s Hospital Medical School.

      Interview with Valerie Sinason about her work, 2003 by @think-

      PIZZA SOLVED: ‘Pizza’ is not code, it’s a known term within Satanic abuse circles describing the gang-rape of children by ‘swordfish69

      But the reality is that ‘pizza’ isn’t a euphemism or even ‘code’, but rather the deliberate induction of trauma upon a child or victim through sexual abuse. Without jumping off the deep end into the obfuscated world of MK Ultra mind-control experiments, well-documented accounts of ritual abuse by Valerie Sinason (Kim Noble’s doctor) and others have shed light on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a condition caused by the dissociation of one’s identity during a moment of trauma.

      link reply …

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 2.9 hours ago (edited 2.8 hours ago)

      August 2019:

      Richard Desmond to step down as Norwood president – https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/richard-desmond-to-step-down-as-norwood-president-1.65293

      Richard Desmond welcoming the Queen, Norwood’s patron, at the official opening of Norwood’s Pamela Barnett Centre at Ravenswood

      Richard Desmond is to stand down as president of Norwood at the end of March after more than eight years in the role. The children and families charity has grown significantly during Mr Desmond’s tenure and now supports 7,000 people.

      The Queen meets some of Ravenswood’s Special Olympics stars – https://www.thejc.com/community/community-news/queen-delights-residents-at-ravenswood-1.6697

      The Queen, Norwood’s royal patron, spent an hour touring The Precinct, which houses a number of therapy workshops, before opening the Pamela Barnett Centre, a £3 million home for 16 adults with profound learning disabilities.

      http://www.norwood.org.uk/pages/about/our-people/ Norwood, who we are:

      Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been Norwood’s Patron since she acceded to the Throne in 1952. Norwood is the only Jewish charity to have the Monarch as its patron.

      Presidents – Lord Mendelsohn and Lady Mendelsohn CBE Lord Jonathan Mendelsohn was created a Life Peer as Baron Mendelsohn of Finchley in the London Borough of Barnet in 2013. Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE is Facebook’s Vice-President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

      Honorary Life Presidents: Carol Sopher, Clive Marks OBE, David Ereira, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Sir Trevor Chinn CVO

      link reply …

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 2.7 hours ago (edited 2.6 hours ago)

      Board of Trustess include: http://ww David Stanton – Joint Treasurer (appointed 2014) w.norwood.org.uk/pages/about/our-trustee-board/

      David is an Asset Director for Ontario Airports Investments Limited (OAIL) which is majority owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) of Canada. OAIL provides investment management services on behalf of OTPP for Brussels, Bristol, Birmingham and Copenhagen Airports. He is currently Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Copenhagen Airports as well as a member of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Birmingham Airport. He previously spent 10 years as Corporate Development Director with BBA Aviation PLC.

      Advisory Council includes: http://www.norwood.org.uk/pages/about/norwoods-advisory-council/:

      Simon Baron-Cohen is Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is also Director of the Autism Research Centre (ARC) and of CLASS (Cambridge Lifespan Asperger Syndrome Service).

      Ruth Fasht OBE She has been involved in a number of other organisations including:…..Adoption Register for England and Wales, where she was Director from 2001–2004…….Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority, where she is currently Chair of the Compliance Committee…….Ruth has contributed to many international, national and local government working groups and projects concerned with child and family welfare.

      Dr Danya Glaser – Member of the Family Justice Council for 6 years….Chair of Coram adoption panel.

      Ruth Levere – Ruth Levere is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the field of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) for over 30 years. She worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital before moving to Harrow CAMHS, where she is head of the child clinical psychology section

      Dr Valerie Sinason – For the last decade she has been at the forefront of the growing awareness and understanding of ritual abuse and the ways that psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be used to treat its victims…In 1998, she founded the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, which offers treatment to children and adults who have suffered trauma and developed dissociative states.

      Sir Harry Solomon – Deputy Chairman of the Portland Trust.

      link parent reply …

      [–] flyingcuttlefish 1 point (+1|-0) 4.1 hours ago (edited 4.1 hours ago)

      I am going through the flight logs and I see Prince Andrew uses this near-London airport, EGGW. I had took up a lot of airport codes.

      Anyway, I wonder if this airport is a pedo hub like Teterboro, NJ is. Dwrshowitz flew out of Teterboro.

      I think pedos have certain “favorite” airports (opinion).

      link reply edit …

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 1 point (+1|-0) 3.5 hours ago

      Luton Airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luton_Airport

      The airport serves as a base for EasyJet, TUI Airways, Ryanair and Wizz Air and previously served as a base for Monarch Airlines until it ceased operations in October 2017

      Monarch Airlines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarch_Airlines

      Monarch Airlines, also known as Monarch, was a British charter and scheduled airline founded by Bill Hodgson and Don Peacock and financed by the Swiss Sergio Mantegazza family. The company later became a low-cost airline[4][5] in 2004 before abandoning charter flying completely. The airline’s headquarters were at Luton, and it had operating bases at Birmingham, Leeds/Bradford, Gatwick and Manchester.

      Sergio Mantegazza https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergio_Mantegazza

      Sergio Mantegazza (born 1927) is a Swiss-Italian billionaire businessman, chairman and owner of Globus, a multinational travel company. According to Forbes, Mantegazza is the 16th richest person in Switzerland, with an estimated net worth of US $2.5 billion as of April 2019..His son, Paolo, worked for Bankers Trust and Credit Suisse, before becoming president and CEO of Globus’ US business Group Voyagers in 1998, and killed himself in 2004, at the age of 34.[3][10] His son, Fabio Mantegazza (born 1955), was working with Sergio in the United Kingdom, and was CEO and chairman of Monarch Travel Group Ltd.[3][11] His daughter, Maria Dolores Mantegazza (born 1956), serves as a trustee to the Sergio Mantegazza Charitable Foundation in Canton Ticino[12] alongside Fabio Mantegazza and Geo Mantegazza. The Foundation focuses on supporting various charities within the arts and youth sports programs as well as education and medical-related areas.

      He has a 64m super-yacht named Lady Marina, where guests have included Tina Turner.[1][2] He owns substantial residential and commercial real estate in Lugano, Switzerland

      link parent reply …

      [–] flyingcuttlefish 10 seconds ago

      Thanks for all the good research. I will use it my next flight log post (coming out today, later).

      The reason I said that about Teterboro was I saw this: https://news.yahoo.com/jerseys-teterboro-airport-travel-hub-130026535.html

      link parent reply edit …

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 1 point (+1|-0) 3.8 hours ago

      Thank you! I hadn’t thought of doing that. That’s the code for Luton Airport.

      July 2019 article: Princess Royal visits Luton Airport’s new terminal building

      Princess Anne visited the airport on Tuesday and was shown around the renovated terminal, including the redesigned arrivals area where a new mural was unveiled.

      The mural creates a pair of wings, with each feather representing every woman who works at the airport, and was presented to Princess Anne by a group of local Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows. Her Royal Highness met women who work across the airport, members of the airport’s protective security team and their dogs. She was also given a tour of the control tower, which she visited to mark its completion in 1995.

      link parent reply …

      [–] letsdothis3 [S] 4.2 hours ago (edited 4.1 hours ago)

      Related posts:

      Santa Fe Relocation of the HAMPSTEAD case leads to Atlas Air, British Airways World Cargo and their charities Operation SMILE, aid flights to Haiti for Oxfam, the Red Cross and UNICEF

      The Royal Family and the Street Child Foundation.. Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew and the Department of Trade and US Homeland Security

      U.S. HOMELAND SECURITY, Carbyne 911, Chairman – former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, dodgy software, and the JEFFREY EPSTEIN case. These people are sick.


  2. flyingcuttlefish August 24, 2019 / 3:05 am


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