Witness Backs Up Virginia Roberts’ Story About Nightclubbing at Tramp with Pedo-Prince in 2001

Daily Mail [UK] –
Witness who claims she saw Prince Andrew dancing with ‘Epstein sex slave’ Virginia Roberts in 2001 says she can remember the incident because she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot

“A new witness claims she saw the Prince Andrew dancing with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub because it was the same night she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents five women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein, revealed she has a sixth client who says she witnessed the Duke of York with Ms Roberts – now Ms Giuffre – dancing together in 2001.”

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Questions we have for pedo-prince Andrew

A few topics not covered by the BBC in yesterday’s interview

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■ Did you avoid the Chirac funeral because French authorities were investigating Epstein’s crimes and associates?
What else were you doing at the time that was so important?

■ Do you not realize your good friend, Ghislane Maxwell is accused by multiple victims of child rape and pimping?
Have you cut off ties with her?

 If you were not best buddies with child rapist, Jeffrey Epstein why did you go to his private island?

Why would household staff and others recall seeing you on Epstein’s properties so often?
Do you think they are all lying about you?

■ Do you think any employee at that pizza place in Woking will recall ever seeing you there?

 Didn’t your security detail inform you of the criminal past of Jeffrey Epstein?

■ Have you never heard of “Brownstoning”?

 You claim you don’t know where Tramps night club is.
Are you expecting us to believe you are unaware of the tunnel to your family’s castle from there?