Epstein Connection to Satanic Ritual Abuse

Ed Opperman interview.

Tom Dunn: Detestable (Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques)
New documentary film unveils the secret of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

LINK https://youtu.be/i_NISH0di2g

48:13 min. mark –

[Tom Dunn: ] I had that exact same question in my mind about Courtney [Love] – I’m like – was she involved anything? Because the way they described her, and her behavior, it just almost seems like she was – she had some kind of, you know experimentation in, in a cult type something.
Something’s wrong with that girl growing up. I don’t know what it was –

[Ed:] Well, I can tell you because she went to the Presidio Middle School at the time when Aquino was on that, on that on that campus there. She was at the middle school and then, you know, went on when she went out to Ireland with 15,000 hits of LSD. She was dating a 35 year old – she was 15 years old. She was dating a 35 year old CIA agent… she was involved in the with a dominatrix, Madame prostitution ring. She was living there at their house. This woman, Frenchy, we got a lot of information about, what she’s been up to. And if you look at what she’s up to now – they find they’re on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. She was one of the people flying around on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane – the convicted pedophile.

Yeah, and you know it just came out in fact, we have the document up on the OppermanReport.com – that Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys – when he was trying to negotiate himself out of that conviction, that he got that little sweetheart deal – he got his lawyers sent a letter to the prosecutors claiming that Jeffrey Epstein was one of the founders of the Clinton Foundation. Of course, yeah, you know, so this stuff goes through, you know, to the highest levels.

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