Report – Keith Raniere made NXIVM followers take poison ☠

    Leader of sex cult Nxivm may have poisoned four female followers, killing two, bombshell investigation claims

THE leader of sex cult Nxivm may have poisoned four of his female followers – killing two of them, according to evidence uncovered in a new investigation.

“A hair sample from one of the surviving women – taken from the time she lived with cult leader Keith Raniere – tested for high levels of toxins Barium and Bismuth, both of which can cause serious health problems and even death, lab results from a scientific hair analysis, shared with Sun Online, reveal.

And in an exclusive interview, the sister of Barbara Jeske – one of the women who died while living with Raniere – revealed how she believed her sibling had been poisoned with a bizarre medicine called “Do-do balls” which he made her take every day. . . . (more)

If  the tv special from Investigation Discovery called “The Lost Women of Nxivm” is available online it will get posted here later – FC