Epstein was allowed 90 Palm Beach prison visits with an underage rape victim AFTER registering as sex offender

Daily Mail [UK]Jeffrey Epstein was allowed 90 prison visits with a woman Palm Beach Police had identified as an underage rape victim – even after registering as sex offender

“Jeffrey Epstein was approved for visits with one of his underage rape victims while serving time for soliciting minors in Palm Beach.

Documents obtained by DailyMail.com show that the Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office recorded approximately 90 visits between Epstein and Nadia Marcinkova in their official prison log.

Marcinkova, whose name is recorded as Nadia Marcorkona on the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office visitation authorization log, was born on February 21, 1985 according to officials, despite having been born in 1986 according to almost all reports.

This means that Marcinkova would have been 16 or at most 17 when she was forced to have sex with other underage girls and Epstein himself, all of which was described in some detail by one victim in her interview with the Palm Beach Police Department.” . . . . (more)


Epstein in Palm Beach Jail Irregularity

NY Post – Jeffrey Epstein was held in same Florida jail as his victim

“Officials at the Palm Beach County Jail were told to keep Epstein and the unidentified woman — who was being held in a drug intervention dorm — “separate” from each other, the Daily Mail reported.

They were also told to keep the dilemma under wraps.

“The fact that they are both here should not be ‘advertised,’” Lt. Mark Chamberlain advised his lieutenants in a Dec. 17, 2008 email obtained by the outlet. “Please ensure they are kept separate at all times, with emphasis on medical, visitation and GED classes.”” . . . (more)

♦ –  The Daily Mail [UK] has the e-mails

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