Rudy Giuliani and Epstein discussed

📻  Interview with Ed Opperman discussing Epstein. They talked about the new legal strategy by Steven Hoffenberg that could unravel the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein’s financial empire.

Epstein’s tangled finances talked about the likes of Rudy Giuliani along with Tower Financial, Southern Trust etc.






New: Epstein Co-Conspirators Named by Jennifer Araroz

New legal complaint against Epstein staffers,  Lesley Groff and Cimberly Espinosa – “Also included in the complaint are the executors (Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn) of Epstein’s estate”.

Zero Hedge – Epstein Co-Conspirators Named By Accuser


Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Alleged Co-Conspirators in Updated Version of Lawsuit

The rest of the named defendants are various trusts and Epstein-related corporations.

The article has the complaint documents.

“Jennifer Araoz alleged that when she was 14 she was recruited outside of her NYC school by a young woman (Jane Doe 1) to go to Epstein’s townhouse.”

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Important Docs on Epstein Business Friend’s Relationships