Pensacola Attack By Saudi Royal Air Force Officer Ruled Islamist Terrorism; 21 Saudis Sent Home Over Pro-Jihadist/Anti-American Sentiments &/Or Child Porn

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The Trump Administration just allowed a whole bunch of Saudi military who expressed Anti-American and/or Pro-Jihadist sympathies, and/or were involved in Child Porn return back to Saudi Arabia, even though one of their comrades in arms was an Islamist terrorist who killed and injured US military on a US base in Florida.

Remember Trump’s long-standing ties to Saudi. They actually bought the 45th floor of Trump World Tower, but have to pay a huge yearly fee for shared amenities:

Why did the US not vet these foreign troops? Why is the US training foreign troops of a terrorist country on US soil; in US airspace, and on a US military base? Why weren’t they monitored?

Notice that if they decide to charge the ones sent home that they will have to ask for their extradition: “if we later decide to charge any of those being sent back to…

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