UK – Prince Philip Funeral Flap Over What to do with Pedo-Prince Andrew 🏰

‘Talk About Epstein to FBI!’ Piers Morgan Furious With Prince Andrew Over ‘Admiral Uniform Demand’

Scandal-ridden Prince Andrew is preparing to attend his father’s funeral on Saturday alongside his royal relatives. The Duke of York, 61, stepped back from royal duties in November 2019 following a backlash over his controversial interview during which he failed to denounce his association with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


Queen Decides Royals Will Not Wear Military Uniform at Duke of Edinburgh’s Funeral



Top Royal Kicks the Bucket – World Yawns 💤 😴





High Noon Looms at Buckingham Palace as Charles jets back ⌛ <UPDATED

Daily Mail [UK] –
Prince Charles flies back from Solomon Islands today for showdown with Prince Andrew amid claims he will ban Duke of York from ALL royal duties

” . . . . The Prince of Wales is in the air after his visit to New Zealand and the Solomon Islands was completely overshadowed by the Duke of York’s disastrous interview with the BBC about Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts.
Charles is believed to have called his mother the Queen and urged her to sack Andrew from all royal duties and roles immediately fearing his presence could fatally damage the British monarchy.”


Showdown called off!

Prince Charles slinks away to wimpy dad’s castle to ask for advice.
He plans to hideout there and avoid his criminal sibling.

Daily Mail [UK] – Prince Charles heads straight for Sandringham to see his father and discuss how to deal with fall-out over Prince Andrew’s interview after landing back in the UK from royal tour in New Zealand


Buckingham Palace: Where is Prince Philip?? 🏰

Yeah? WHERE IS HE?? And notice none of the royal-obsessed UK press is asking.


Taking a Look at Epstein-Little-Black-Book Listed Lady Amanda Ellingworth

On the many pizzagate stories many have been on the topic of people using their position in various child protection agencies ( USA & UK) in order to exploit, harm children instead of helping them. – FC