On Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile 🏰

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Secret letters sent from Prince Charles to Jimmy Savile – where the royal begged the paedophile DJ for help with PR and speechwriting – are seen for the first time in bombshell Netflix documentary


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New Mexico and the dark secrets of Zorro Ranch

The Storage Unit

Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico for a Reason

A journey through the Land of Enchantment, where the now-dead sex trafficker and his co-conspirators found a haven for radioactive secrets.

By Matt Farwell


If there’s a secret, New Mexico will try to keep it. The Land of Enchantment has gotten a lot of practice over the years, well before the now-late Jeffrey Epstein purchased the Zorro Ranch south of Santa Fe. The world’s first nuclear weapon, code name “Gadget,” was detonated in New Mexico on July 16, 1945.* Tourists can now visit the Trinity Site on the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range to view the epicenter of a highly secret government conspiracy involving top physicists called the Manhattan Project. Trinity is a 111-mile straight line from Zorro Ranch. Consider what lies within this way: Find a map. Make Epstein’s New Mexico operation the center. Put the Trinity site…

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On Pedo Prince Charles 🏰

Who was paedophile bishop Peter Ball and how did he know Prince Charles?

” . . . After he was caged, it emerged Ball had enjoyed close ties to the future king, who had penned “dozens” of letters to Ball in the past.

These were later handed to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) to investigate.”


High Noon Looms at Buckingham Palace as Charles jets back ⌛ <UPDATED

Daily Mail [UK] –
Prince Charles flies back from Solomon Islands today for showdown with Prince Andrew amid claims he will ban Duke of York from ALL royal duties

” . . . . The Prince of Wales is in the air after his visit to New Zealand and the Solomon Islands was completely overshadowed by the Duke of York’s disastrous interview with the BBC about Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts.
Charles is believed to have called his mother the Queen and urged her to sack Andrew from all royal duties and roles immediately fearing his presence could fatally damage the British monarchy.”


Showdown called off!

Prince Charles slinks away to wimpy dad’s castle to ask for advice.
He plans to hideout there and avoid his criminal sibling.

Daily Mail [UK] – Prince Charles heads straight for Sandringham to see his father and discuss how to deal with fall-out over Prince Andrew’s interview after landing back in the UK from royal tour in New Zealand


Determined pedo-prince thumbs nose at HRM Queen of the Reptiles and will re-hire his secretary, Amanda Thirsk, right after HRM booted her from the palace. 👢 Next-in-line brother idly watching mum getting defied by pedo brat.

We are NOT making this up!

“The Queen is also expected to order Andrew and his staff to leave their Palace offices – or face a hefty bill to rent them privately.

The friend added: “There is no longer a need for the Queen to fund Andrew’s private secretary or office from the Sovereign Grant because he no longer has a public role.”

“There will be a transition period for the staff to move out of Buckingham Palace. But Andrew has assured Amanda she will keep working for him in another role. It’s astonishingly arrogant.””

Next-in-line, Charles is way down in New Zealand attending a farmers’ market. He has been no help to his royal mum, the reptile queen.

SEE – Amanda Thirsk is more than a “secretary” to pedo prince Andrew

Just in: Determined pedo-prince thumbs nose at HRM Queen of the Reptiles and will do self-serving promo in human-rights-gutter, Bahrain. Next-in-line brother idly watching mum getting defied by pedo brat.

Delusional Pedo Prince thinks he can game the FBI and challenge bro

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Prince Andrew is ALREADY plotting a comeback, but Charles wants him ‘permanently retired’: Duke intends clearing his name by speaking to the FBI as Royal sources say he is ‘naively positive’

  • Prince Andrew is on a potential collision course with the Prince of Wales
  • Prince Charles plans to make the Duke of York’s expulsion permanent