Records from the night Pedo-Prince Andrew had that “pizza party” in Woking destroyed by Scotland Yard 🏰

Royal “protection”, indeed!

Daily Mail [UK] –

Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with teenager in London, says former Royal protection officer

“Last night, the former Royal guard [who said he believed Andrew may have returned to Buckingham Palace in the early hours of March 11, 2001] said: ‘I am very disappointed. Why on earth did it take nearly five months to respond with such a non-informative answer? I’m also surprised to discover that any records regarding the Royal family and their police protection are destroyed, much less after just two years.’ The disclosure raises the possibility that other documents, including Royal protection officer logs, which would confirm where the Prince was at the times in question, have also been destroyed.


STAND BY: Ghislaine May Sing(!)

Not yet confirmed but widely talked about . . .

The Daily Mail   [UK] Rumours swirl that Ghislaine Maxwell is ready to co-operate US authorities

“Ghislaine Maxwell was last night reported to be ready to co-operate with the American authorities in their ongoing investigation into Prince Andrew’s late friend Jeffrey Epstein.”

“By April 2000 Ghislaine and [pedo-prince] Andrew were spotted sharing one of several intimate lunch dates together. They sat hand in hand while dining on lobster salad – she sipped a champagne cocktail – at Nello restaurant on New York’s Madison Avenue.”
“. . . she and the Duke of York were not in a romantic relationship. Indeed, as his new found confidante and social fixer she was far, far more important to him than that.”

“. . . Miss Maxwell was to introduce him to another, strange and no doubt far more exciting world; that of a wealthy trans-Atlantic demi monde. And at its heart was her mysterious boyfriend-cum-patron and father figure, the multi-millionaire New York financier Jeffrey Epstein.
Private jets, VIP nightclubs and beach resorts were the necessary accoutrements for this social whirl. And with them came an endless supply of beautiful young women, often very young.”

“Ghislaine boasted that she was particularly close to President Bill [Clinton].”

” In June 2000, both Epstein and Miss Maxwell were among guests at a lavish party at Windsor Castle hosted by the Queen. The Dance of the Decades was to mark Andrew’s recent 40th birthday, Princess Anne’s 50th and Princess Margaret’s impending 70th, as well as Prince William’s 18th.”

“His ex-wife and the palace were by then voicing concerns which grew when Andrew left the Royal Family’s Christmas gathering at Sandringham to join Miss Maxwell and Epstein in Phuket, Thailand, for New Year. There he was photographed sunbathing on a luxury yacht surrounded by topless young women.”


Trouble for Prince Andrew as Ghislaine Maxwell set to cooperate in sex trafficking investigation following Epstein’s death

“A source has now told New York Post that Maxwell is already cooperating with federal authorities.”

The Independent [UK] –    Epstein death: prosecutors could turn focus to Ghislaine Maxwell, ‘his protector who supplied him with three girls a day’   – has VIDEO