Basketball legend, Jim Farmer, arrested on trafficking charges – Basketball legend arrested for human trafficking

“Jim Farmer, a basketball legend who played for the University of Alabama, has been arrested on human trafficking charges. investigators placed several decoy advertisements on websites known to be linked to commercial sex in order to find individuals seeking sex with minors. Authorities arrested 16 men, including Farmer, and booked them in the Rutherford County Jail.”

The Dothan Eagle reports that the arrest was part of a two-day undercover sting in Tennessee, where Farmer lives. They noted more on his playing career, saying, “Farmer went on to play for the Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Seattle Supersonics, Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. Farmer was in the first class of the Houston Academy Sports Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Big International Bust of Pedos Using the Dark Web – Over 300 Arrested

Daily Mail [UK]
Police arrest over 300 suspected paedophiles across 38 countries including Britain, US and Germany after ‘dark web’ child abuse site hosting 250,000 sickening videos is shut down and South Korean ‘ringleader’ is charged

“…More than 250,000 horrific videos, stored on a computer server in South Korea and available through a website called ‘Welcome To Video’, were sold to paedophiles around the world through the dark web, with more than a million clips downloaded.

The site was uncovered by Britain’s National Crime Agency during its investigation into one of the UK’s most prolific paedophiles, Matthew Falder, who is serving 25 years in prison for 137 offences linked to the sexual abuse of children.

The US Department of Justice has now charged South Korean suspect Jong Woo Son, 23, with running the website, as police forces around the world move in on those who have been using the site.

So far, 337 suspects have been arrested globally, with 18 investigations in the UK and seven British men already convicted. American authorities have raided the homes of 92 people and today released the names 34 people arrested or charged in the U.S.” … (more)

DoJ Press Release (names names) –
South Korean National and Hundreds of Others Charged Worldwide in the Takedown of the Largest Darknet Child Pornography Website, Which was Funded by BitcoinDozens of Minor Victims Who Were Being Actively Abused by the Users of the Site Rescued


Top Model Exposes Industry & Hollywood

Top Model Turns Whistleblower To Expose Epstein Style Sexual (Child) Abuse Among Hollywood ‘Elite’


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Epstein – so much more evil

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The Epstein thing is so much more evil than i realized

“(Personal note: I am posting this because for me, knowing the depths of their evil ways strengthens my walk with Christ. and I’m probably not alone in that.)

This is a woman who sounds and seems entirely honest. What she says fits with what we know, and the really dark stuff that hasn’t made the recent news, ties in with what we learned during Pizzagate (ie, that human sacrifice and practice of worshipping evil, raping children, etc., are real). She remembers being in the tunnels under Little Saint James. She goes into a lot of detail that may be too much for many. Because it’s impossible to listen to this woman and not know she is absolutely telling the truth. Listen to her voice, especially when she speaks of being 5. She speaks like a little girl, and when she talks of past abuse, she speaks about herself in the second person. Her voice has pain in it at the appropriate times, and she does not have any passion behind her words, she is not trying to persuade anyone, she is just retelling her story. She sounds resigned and tired about it. There is no sense of her making anything up. Worth a watch.” (more)



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