Op-Ed – Is new pedo-prince money scandal really a “shut up” pay off scheme?


Fergie must’ve been shocked to open the newspaper yesterday and see herself splashed all over the headlines as lead figure in this torrid money laundry scheme:

EXCLUSIVE: £750,000 from ‘fraudster’ was to fund Princess Beatrice’s wedding: Astonishing admission from Prince Andrew’s aide in phone call about cash at heart of new High Court battle

The amounts of money moved about are huge and her bad-at-make-up daughter’s wedding looks like a ruse for the cash transfers.

We ask could an underlying theme in this scandal be hush money paid to the pedo prince for some knowledge he has that is Epstein (or worse) related?

Oddly this story features terrorist and Hillary Clinton associate, Fethullah Gulen(!)

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Pedo Prince Andrew Co. -Naples Gold Ltd

Prince Andrew Director of Naples Gold Ltd Under a False Name


Naples Gold company info

This guy, Johan Eliasch from the gold company has a place in Brazil where Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell are rumored to be hiding out.

July, 2019: Prince Andrew appoints Swedish billionaire friend as director of his Palace project to help entrepreneurs
Sports equipment tycoon Johan Eliasch will be able to add his considerable business expertise to position on the Prince’s initiative, Pitch@Palace

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How does this tie into pedos?

Here’s how –

“Ana Paula Junqueira, 38, met Cowell when she was invited aboard his chartered
yacht Slipstream with a group of pals in St Barts in the Caribbean in

Her former husband is Swedish-born Johan Eliasch, 49, the British-based
boss of the firm Head which makes the world’s best-selling tennis racquets.
He is a close friend of Prince Andrew. Ana, a millionairess, met Johan at a party thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell.”

 Naomi Campbell posts

We’re pretty sure that Eliasch guy was on the party yacht featured in the famous photo of Virgina Roberts getting traded around with Naomi Campbell’s sleazy friends.

The Sun [UK] – BRAZEN PERV Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘teen sex slave’ appears to attend Naomi Campbell’s VIP birthday with paedo in disturbing new pics

More on the pair on page 3 of this article.




Determined pedo-prince thumbs nose at HRM Queen of the Reptiles and will re-hire his secretary, Amanda Thirsk, right after HRM booted her from the palace. 👢 Next-in-line brother idly watching mum getting defied by pedo brat.

We are NOT making this up!

“The Queen is also expected to order Andrew and his staff to leave their Palace offices – or face a hefty bill to rent them privately.

The friend added: “There is no longer a need for the Queen to fund Andrew’s private secretary or office from the Sovereign Grant because he no longer has a public role.”

“There will be a transition period for the staff to move out of Buckingham Palace. But Andrew has assured Amanda she will keep working for him in another role. It’s astonishingly arrogant.””

Next-in-line, Charles is way down in New Zealand attending a farmers’ market. He has been no help to his royal mum, the reptile queen.

SEE – Amanda Thirsk is more than a “secretary” to pedo prince Andrew

Just in: Determined pedo-prince thumbs nose at HRM Queen of the Reptiles and will do self-serving promo in human-rights-gutter, Bahrain. Next-in-line brother idly watching mum getting defied by pedo brat.

Amanda Thirsk is more than a “secretary” to pedo prince Andrew

NOTE: We had put some interesting items about this assistant to the pedo prince in comments on this post, Just in – pedo prince’s getaway plan squelched by royal family before he can get to the airport