Olympic Gymnastics Pedo Coach Harm to Simone Biles Leads to Quitting in Tokyo

Simone Biles shares message about sexual abuse and ‘trauma’ she’s suffered

Daily Mail‘I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics’: Simone Biles breaks her silence to thank fans for support after withdrawing from individual all-around final at the Olympics and hinting Larry Nassar abuse is behind her mental health woes

Earlier US Olympic gold medal-winning gymnastics coach shoots himself dead hours after being charged with human trafficking and sexual assault





Olympics Selectors, USA Swimming Even More Criminal than Shielding Its Rapist Staff

Free pass given for years to gropers and rapists at USA Swimming explained –

Wall St. Journal
USA Swimming Faces Probe Into Sex-Abuse Claims, Business Practices
Prosecutors look into ‘money trail’ between the national swimming organization, its insurance firm and affiliated foundation

“. . . Here’s how the system worked, according to civil-court filings, disciplinary records and people familiar with the investigation: Accusers were required to submit formal complaints—including the victim’s name—to the organization, after which a USA Swimming executive would determine whether there was sufficient evidence to consider official disciplinary action. The organization would hire an outside investigator to conduct interviews, according to the people and records.

The matter might be referred to USA Swimming’s National Board of Review, a body appointed by USA Swimming executives that determined disciplinary actions against coaches.

Before the board held a hearing, these people said, a lawyer would reach out to the accuser to discuss her allegations. The lawyer was held out as being impartial, but the lawyer in fact represented USA Swimming, and during the hearing might use knowledge of the accuser’s case against her.

“The system is designed to stop you from wanting to report,” a person briefed on the investigation said.”

The sleazy criminality veers off in all directions –

“. . . As USA Swimming sought to minimize its legal and financial liabilities, accusers and their lawyers have alleged, the organization’s own insurance company took pains to avoid paying claims. In the event of litigation, lawyers for accusers say, USA Swimming’s legal bills likely would exhaust the insurance policies.

Any money not spent by the insurance company was returned to USA Swimming in the form of “safety rebates,” dividends that amounted to as much as $750,000, twice a year, according to sworn declarations in federal lawsuits.”

NOTE: USA Swimming was never disbanded and youth athletes are still forced to have personal constant contact with them to advance in swimming.

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