New reason #7 for pedo prince to sweat 💦 – pizza night alibi busted

Daily Mail [UK] –

Prince Andrew faces new court evidence that he DID meet with his teenage accuser Virginia Roberts despite claiming he had ‘no recollection’ of sex-trafficking victim

  • Virginia Roberts’ lawyer says that there is more evidence she met Prince Andrew 
  • David Boies warns further evidence linking the two will be made public in court 
  • Will be revealed in civil lawsuits brought in America by victims of Jeffrey Epstein

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New reason #6 for pedo prince to sweat 💦 – military turns on him


Pedo-Prince Andrew faces quiz from US Virgin Is.’ Attorney General

Daily Mail [UK] – Prince Andrew faces quiz from US Virgin Islands’ Attorney General after claims Duke groped ‘sex slave’ accuser Virginia Roberts on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean bolthole on Little St James

US Virgin Islands’ attorney general Denise George investigating Epstein’s crimes
She has not ruled out speaking to Duke of York who visited his ‘paedo island’

“Prince Andrew could be questioned by the US Virgin Islands’ chief legal adviser over his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes on his ‘paedo island’ in the Caribbean.

Attorney general Denise George, who is investigating Epstein’s child sex trafficking to Little Saint James, has not ruled out speaking to the Duke of York.

Ms George told The Sun: ‘We target evidence, the evidence may take us to people. But we target the evidence. We see where the evidence leads us’.

It came as a member of Jeffrey Epstein’s staff claimed that he saw Prince Andrew groping Epstein’s alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts at the paedophile’s Caribbean island home. . . . (more) “


Pedo Prince brazenly groped girls at Lolita Island – new charges

“Prince Andrew brazenly ‘groped girls’ while staying at the so-called ‘Paedo Island’ home of his friend, convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a top prosecutor has claimed.

Denise George, Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands, where Andrew was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s private island Little St James, alleged the Duke of York never sought to shield his activity from the disgraced financier’s staff.” –  Daily Mail [UK]


Pedo Prince Andrew ❤ Serial Rapist Peter Nygard

What does Prince Andrew find so attractive about foreign billionaires who own Caribbean mansions? asks GUY ADAMS: Duke faces fresh embarrassment over another luxury with another tycoon who faces sordid sex claims

Pictured: Prince Andrew’s on Bahamas visit to SECOND tycoon facing child sex claims – Duke and family stayed with Peter Nygard who is accused of raping teenagers and plying them with wine and drugs

Prince Andrew’s links to tycoon in new sex abuse scandal: Millionaire fashion exec Peter Nygard is accused of raping 10 women after ‘plying’ them with drink and drugs at a ‘pamper party’ at Bahamas compound where he once hosted the Duke

Pedophile Enabler, Duchess of York, 🏰 Rewarded with Children’s (!) Book Deal

Daily Mail [UK] –   Sarah Ferguson announces she’s signed a seven book deal to write children’s stories

  • Duchess of York has announced signed a seven-book deal with Serenity Press 
  • Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, 60, has revealed her three new children’s books online
  • Has penned new fiction including  ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’ and ‘Genie Gems’ 

The first thing we see is a previous children’s title, The Enchanted Oak Tree with no mention of her having anything to do with writing it.  Is this a big fat “thank you” gift from pedo ring protectors?

Recall publishing is akin to money laundering in the US.


ALSO – Epstein is connected to Nickelodeon through Geraldine Laybourne

Andrew’s Fixer: She is the Daughter of Robert Maxwell and She’s Manipulating His Jetset Lifestyle | The Evening Standard (London) | 2001

The Storage Unit

Andrew’s Fixer: She is the Daughter of Robert Maxwell and She’s Manipulating His Jetset Lifestyle

The Evening Standard (London)

January 22, 2001

Prince Andrew has upset the Queen and ex-wife Fergie with his lad-about-the-globe activities but he’s enjoying his social life with new best friend Ghislaine Maxwell. NIGEL ROSSER reports

IT HAS become almost a weekly occurrence that Prince Andrew is shown by a tabloid newspaper inviting a West Coast “actress”, into his bedroom to tuck him in at 2am, lounging on a yacht surrounded by topless women, or slipping out of nightclubs with various companions.

Previously mostly known for his modest naval career and love of golf, in the past 18 months the Prince has embarked on a new lifestyle redolent of a middle-aged swinger rediscovering his youth in the playgrounds of the Eurotrash.

His erratic behaviour has greatly upset Buckingham Palace and his ex-wife Fergie.

No saint herself…

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Pedo-Prince STILL on Duty for the Crown 🏰

Daily Mail [UK] –

Chinese ambassador reveals Prince Andrew is STILL representing the Queen after delivering a message expressing her sympathy for coronavirus victims

  • Duke carried a message to the Chinese government from his mother on Friday

  • He attended dinner hosted by the Chinese ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming

  • One of Duke’s first major appearances since he withdrew [sic] from public duties 

Witness Backs Up Virginia Roberts’ Story About Nightclubbing at Tramp with Pedo-Prince in 2001

Daily Mail [UK] –
Witness who claims she saw Prince Andrew dancing with ‘Epstein sex slave’ Virginia Roberts in 2001 says she can remember the incident because she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot

“A new witness claims she saw the Prince Andrew dancing with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub because it was the same night she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents five women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein, revealed she has a sixth client who says she witnessed the Duke of York with Ms Roberts – now Ms Giuffre – dancing together in 2001.”

For more stories use the search bar on the upper right with “victim” or “victims” for earlier stories.
Also use the category search tool – look for “in court” topic. – FC

X-protection officer for Pedo Prince Andrew, Paul Page, blabs about Ghislaine Maxwell’s palace visits 🏰

NOTE – Shaun Attwood had this news before the Brit tabloids – FC

Daily Mail [UK] –
Revealed: Ghislaine Maxwell visited Prince Andrew up to four times a day at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed picnics with him in the grounds, claims Duke’s former royal protection officer

“A former police protection officer has claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell would visit Prince Andrew up to four times a day at Buckingham Palace and that the pair would enjoy picnics together on the grounds on the estate in London.”


Pedo-Prince Andrew and enabler “wife”, Fergie send out F.U. Christmas Cards

Daily Mail [UK] –

Duke and Duchess of York’s Christmas cards – signed by the WHOLE family including Beatrice and Eugenie – makes thinly veiled reference to Epstein scandal with photo of a dog’s bottom and ‘Say goodbye to 2019’ message

  • Their cards feature an image of one of their beloved Norfolk terriers in a bush
  • Dog shows its rear end to the camera, with the caption: ‘Say Goodbye to 2019’

Pedo Prince Andrew Co. -Naples Gold Ltd

Prince Andrew Director of Naples Gold Ltd Under a False Name


Naples Gold company info

This guy, Johan Eliasch from the gold company has a place in Brazil where Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell are rumored to be hiding out.

July, 2019: Prince Andrew appoints Swedish billionaire friend as director of his Palace project to help entrepreneurs
Sports equipment tycoon Johan Eliasch will be able to add his considerable business expertise to position on the Prince’s initiative, Pitch@Palace

RelatedHow Duke Used Pseudonym To Set Up Secret Firm With Sports Tycoon

How does this tie into pedos?

Here’s how –

“Ana Paula Junqueira, 38, met Cowell when she was invited aboard his chartered
yacht Slipstream with a group of pals in St Barts in the Caribbean in

Her former husband is Swedish-born Johan Eliasch, 49, the British-based
boss of the firm Head which makes the world’s best-selling tennis racquets.
He is a close friend of Prince Andrew. Ana, a millionairess, met Johan at a party thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell.”

 Naomi Campbell posts

We’re pretty sure that Eliasch guy was on the party yacht featured in the famous photo of Virgina Roberts getting traded around with Naomi Campbell’s sleazy friends.

The Sun [UK] – BRAZEN PERV Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘teen sex slave’ appears to attend Naomi Campbell’s VIP birthday with paedo in disturbing new pics

More on the pair on page 3 of this article.




EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts show – 10 Years Ago – pedo prince Andrew used his influence to get a deal for his pedo pal Epstein

This concerns the case against Jeffrey Epstein in Florida where he had the cushy jail arrangement in 2008-9.

SOURCE: This document:   TransportRoom-Copy__Case_18-2868 PAGE 27

New reason #5 for pedo prince to sweat 💦 – new victim calls him out

Daily Mail [UK] – SECOND Jeffrey Epstein victim claims she had sex with Prince Andrew: Duke of York faces shock new allegations as lawyers for women trafficked by the US paedophile launch ‘rigorous investigation’

Second woman speaking to lawyers representing Epstein’s other alleged victims

“. . . The second woman, who has not been named, has communicated with lawyers who are representing Epstein’s other alleged victims, The Mirror reports.”




Notice Buckingham Palace doesn’t mind pedos – just the bad P.R.


Not only has the pedo prince not shown one bit of remorse over his criminal conduct, the whole clan has not shown one bit either. They are just sorry the case dominates headlines… taking away from their important ribbon cutting appearances and scam charity “work” (skimming).

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Pedo Prince Andrew can be slapped with 5(!) pre-trial witness subpoenas if he ever sets foot in the US

Daily Mail [UK] – Now FIVE more women want Prince Andrew to testify: Accusers say Duke saw Jeffrey Epstein abusing them and must speak to the FBI

  • Lawyer says subpoenas have been prepared in the cases of five women 
  • He told the BBC these could be served on Prince Andrew if he goes to the US 
  • Five of Epstein’s alleged victims say the prince can provide evidence on Epstein
  • Andrew has said he never saw anything untoward when with the paedophile