NM Moves to Take Over Zorro Ranch

New Mexico May Seize Jeffrey Epstein’s Ranch

“New Mexico officials are trying to seize parts of a ranch owned by Jeffery Epstein after the state commissioner was not allowed to visit the property.

Zorro Ranch, a nearly 10,0000-acre property about 40 miles south of Santa Fe, was one of several estates owned by Epstein, who killed himself in his New York jail cell earlier in August. The property consists of private and state-owned land that was leased under a 1993 purchase agreement.” . . . (more)

NY PostNew Mexico wants to yank state-owned land at Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch

“On Thursday, AG Hector Balderas asked the state to retake the 1,244 acres of grassland after a probe by his office found that it was improperly leased in the late 1990s.”

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