Are Top Officials and Elites in the Netherlands Sweating đź’¦ Over the Epstein Flight Logs Inquiry?

Since we posted the news from the Virgin Islands about the demand for flight logs by the prosecutor there our blog traffic has been very high. And there was big traffic from The Netherlands with almost as much traffic as from the USA.

The reason for that interest might be because officials in The Netherlands are rumored to be connected to pedo rings, Epstein or both.

“The Satanic Elite is getting nervous everywhere, more and more revelations about sex and child trafficking are coming out here in the Netherlands.

The political party of Mark Rutte (VVD) is a pedo rat’s nest, the wife of Fred Grapperhaus (CDA) is linked to Epstein, those documents have now been brought out.”


Lots of top officials seem connected to Marc Dutroux – MANY DOCUMENTS:
Het Haagse Complot?

The above link has many files on major European pedo rings.

2012: Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands (R) speaks with Serbian-born artist Marina Abramovic (L-R) British singer and composer Antony Hegarty and US director Robert Wilson

#Pedogate: Queen Beatrix, Podesta E-Mails, #Pizzagate, Abramovic, Spirit Cooking, Clintons


 There’s a lot of Epstein posts and articles in Dutch. Try computer translation to English if you find things on the internet – FC

Shock! Belgium Set to Release Child Rapist, Murderer Marc Dutroux

[Sent in by a diligent reader – FC ]

UNFATHOMABLE! Belgium’s Perverted Justice System Entertains Release of Child Rapist, Murderer UNFATHOMABLE! Belgium’s Perverted Justice System Entertains Release of Child Rapist, Murderer Marc Dutroux

” . . . Late last month, Belgium’s perverted justice system — a system that appears to focus more on fairness to perverts than justice for victims — approved a request by Dutroux’s attorneys to have the monster examined by a panel of five psychiatrists to assess whether he’s suitable for reintegration into society and whether there’s a risk of recidivism. . . .
. . . . Dutroux’s ultimate objective with this newly approved psychiatric reexamination, according to news sources, is to be released from prison in 2021. If the court at that time concludes that continued incarceration is necessary, his attorneys intend to argue that he should be able to serve that time from his home while wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.”

In the US you can contact your SENATOR to ask that this international criminal stay in prison where he belongs.