Silicon Valley Execs’ Fear: Exposure of Their Ties to Jeffrey Epstein & Use of His Girls

EXCLUSIVE: Epstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban

“. . . . Specifically, [Vanity Fair columnist, Michael] Wolff was on the Lolita Express on the 20 FEB 2002 flying out of JFK for Monterrey, California along with names shown below some of which were purposely OMITTED and or MISSPELLED on the FLIGHT LOGS.”

Lots of Silicon Valley execs named in the article. Was Epstein serving them to get blackmail material? They really seem to love under-age girls in Silicon Valley. Pedo Valley.




Pedo-Prince Andrew’s Fergie Flew Air-Epstein!

PRINCE ANDREW’S FERGIE – on a fly-in to favorite British lose-rules-banks capital, The Bahamas!


And the Pedo-Prince himself flew Lolita Express around the UK in 2006!


Baby-On-Board Lolita Express Flight Logs part 2

PART 1: Why do so many Lolita Express flight logs list a “CHILD NANNY”??? UPDATE: BABY ON BOARD!!

We went back and reviewed the handwritten flight logs from Case 18-2868 Document 278 08/09/2019 2628230 because we saw Epstein flying babies around. Maybe a baby was flying with parents, but the teen girls are listed with initials on the passenger list so they can’t count as baby guardians. Many times there seems to be bad company with these babies.

HERE ARE ALL THE LISTINGS (Another document to go through though).

We will add MORE HERE LATER as we have to create some graphics – FC

Here is more of what we found in this review of the flight logs entered as evidence for Virgina Giuffre.


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