Epstein is connected to Nickelodeon through Geraldine Laybourne


Geraldine Laybourne is the co-founder of Nickelodeon and is the person who first hired Dan Schneider to write and produce kids’ TV. According to NY Magazine her name is on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet log.


intelligencer – https://archive.is/Wz69V

Dan credits her with his discovery:

myspace – https://archive.is/bP0Ss

Thus creating a direct connection between Epstein, Nickelodeon, Dan Schneider and the Lolita Express via Geraldine Laybourne, who sits on the board of KinderCare – a child daycare which of course has the Eye of Providence pyramid as its logo.

kindercare – https://archive.is/EgDLm

You cant make this shit up.

mintpressnews – https://archive.is/PYUQo