Harvard Helped Epstein Study Eugenics


“A Harvard University Mathematics and Biology professor has been suspended from his job following revelations that he took steps to help convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein “rehabilitate his image” following the financier’s 2008 sex-crime conviction. 

Martin Nowak, a renowned faculty member at Harvard, was found by a university investigation to have maintained a 15-year friendship with Mr Epstein during which the latter was given privileged access to the building housing the university’s evolutionary dynamics programme. Access to the Ivy League institution also allegedly included a private office for Epstein simply known as “Jeffrey’s Office”, which came equipped with its own telephone line. Epstein was also alleged to have held a number of private dinners at the offices, where he would quiz academics on eugenics.

Boston Globe Jeffrey Epstein’s Harvard ties were extensive, new report reveals

“A number of the Harvard faculty members we interviewed also acknowledged that they visited Epstein at his homes in New York, Florida, New Mexico, or the Virgin Islands, visited him in jail or on work release, or traveled on one of his planes. Faculty members told us that they undertook these off-campus activities primarily in their personal capacities rather than as representatives of Harvard.”


Cambridge’s Pedo U


The connections to Epstein’s pedo-ring and HARVARD UNIVERSITY keeps getting more and more glaring.

This new article names names of science-whores who couldn’t suck up enough to the child rapist.
Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought

The article talks about Harvard psychologist, Steven Pinker.

We are looking at this evidence document again.
Is that the pig Epstein gifted Virginia Roberts to at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party?
See page 593 – –  https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6250552-TransportRoom-Copy.html
The story gives even more details on the next page.

This this pig, Stephen a different Harvard faculty member?