Is JonBenet Ramsey Disappearance Connected to Ghislaine Maxwell?

Mind Control Missile Murder Madness ed. just posited this

This just came across the radar & God only knows it only makes the rabbit hole darker and deeper, but could be significant. Currently still checking this out…
Could this be a side profile of Maxwell when JB Ramsey was still alive? If so, the implications are frankly, staggering, & could lend credence to the supposition that Epstein & John Ramsey were definitely in the same line of work in more ways than one…
Also strengthening this particular line of thinking is this:
Ghislaine & John Ramsey happened to share the same high-powered law firm in Denver. What exactly are the odds?
These birds of a feather sure do seem to be flocking, don’t they?


Another great twitter thread that fleshes things out a bit more:
Interesting that a bit down in the thread there is the info that Denver/Boulder police indeed have a verifiable list of everyone that attended the infamous Fleet White Christmas party where it is increasingly looking like the site where Jon Benet died, and NOT in her own home for a variety of reasons speaking logistically and forensically.
Anyway, law enforcement indeed has this list — they just refuse to release it.
Hmmm, sound familiar to anything else going on these days?