Prince Andrew Ducks FBI

Zero Hedge “Zero Cooperation”: Prince Andrew Ducks FBI Investigation Into Epstein Co-Conspirators

” . . . “To date, Prince Andrew has provided zero cooperation,” said [US Attorney of the Southern District of New York] Berman, appearing with members of nonprofit victim services agency Safe Horizon.”

Delusional Pedo Prince thinks he can game the FBI and challenge bro

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Prince Andrew is ALREADY plotting a comeback, but Charles wants him ‘permanently retired’: Duke intends clearing his name by speaking to the FBI as Royal sources say he is ‘naively positive’

  • Prince Andrew is on a potential collision course with the Prince of Wales
  • Prince Charles plans to make the Duke of York’s expulsion permanent

Just in: Determined pedo-prince thumbs nose at HRM Queen of the Reptiles and will do self-serving promo in human-rights-gutter, Bahrain. Next-in-line brother idly watching mum getting defied by pedo brat.

Tabloids stop the presses!

Daily News [UK] –
Defiant Prince Andrew carries on: Royal will fly to Bahrain for Pitch@Palace event despite being sacked from public duties by The Queen after his brother Charles ‘urged her to act to protect the monarchy’

• Prince Andrew drove from his home in Windsor this morning as calls for him to speak to the FBI grow louder
• ‘Distraught’ Duke of York summoned to Buckingham Palace by the Queen and told to stand down immediately

“Prince Andrew will fly on an official junket to Bahrain in the next 24 hours in an act of defiance after it was revealed Prince Charles told the Queen to sack him from all royal duties to save the monarchy.

The Duke of York will jet to the Gulf to try to save his beloved Pitch@Palace charity as a slew of big businesses pulled their sponsorship to avoid being associated with him after his disastrous BBC interview about Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts.”

Will he hide out or will he come home?

Prince Andrew is advised not to fly to America ‘in case he is unable to return’ as he confirms he WILL speak to FBI and Buckingham Palace ‘braces for subpoena’

You can’t make this stuff up! – FC

Recent Posts – Just in – pedo prince’s getaway plan squelched by royal family before he can get to the airport

Exposed as a pedo, Andrew loses his mind and wanders off to promote Pitch@Palace in dictatorship of Bahrain


We don’t know where he is. Maybe they took his car keys.

Prince Andrew still planned to carry out a royal visit just days after stepping down from all royal duties — until the Queen stepped in.

ITV – Prince Andrew to continue with Pitch@Palace project ‘outside’ the Royal Family

“The next event, Pitch Global, is due to take place in Bahrain next week.
But Buckingham Palace refused to say whether or not Prince Andrew will attend it.”



Pedo Prince Andrew set to be grilled by FBI in US soon

“Buckingham Palace is ‘braced’ for the ‘imminent’ arrival of a subpoena summoning Andrew to give evidence under oath in the US, according to the Telegraph.”

Daily Mail  [UK] –
Prince Andrew says he WILL speak to the FBI – as Buckingham Palace is ‘braced for subpoena to be issued’ and lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims says he must turn over emails, texts and flight logs to police

Prince says he is willing to assist any law enforcement agencies’ investigations

We wonder – why has DoJ and FBI avoided ANY public statement about this line of investigation?

🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 crickets





FBI on Pedo-Prince Andrew – interviewing 14-15 year old girls, 100 of them + more crimes

This Times article  is behind a pay-wall. Here’s a good related item –

FBI investigating Prince Andrew’s ‘connection’ to Jeffrey Epstein, report says
The FBI has briefed Scotland Yard on its continuing investigation into people with connections to the late multimillionaire sex offender

“The Sunday Times said the FBI plans to interview about 100 victims, the majority of whom were 14 or 15 years old when they allegedly were trafficked by Epstein and his possible accomplices. The Times added that Guiffre’s allegations against Andrew are not the only claims the FBI is reviewing in relation to the prince.


Andrew Pulls a 180 – will now talk to FBI

Daily Mail [UK]
Jeffrey Epstein storm: Prince Andrew ‘now willing to talk to the FBI if requested’ Palace sources say as questions emerge over Duke’s timeline for first meeting disgraced millionaire

  • Prince Andrew will co-operate with police over the Jeffrey Epstein case if asked

” . . . flight logs show Epstein met the Duchess of York in Nassau in the Bahamas on April 16, 1998, accompanied by the duke and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

Flight logs also show Andrew stayed on Epstein’s Caribbean island Little St James – known by locals as ‘Paedophile Island’ – for three days in early February 1999.”