Witness Backs Up Virginia Roberts’ Story About Nightclubbing at Tramp with Pedo-Prince in 2001

Daily Mail [UK] –
Witness who claims she saw Prince Andrew dancing with ‘Epstein sex slave’ Virginia Roberts in 2001 says she can remember the incident because she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot

“A new witness claims she saw the Prince Andrew dancing with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub because it was the same night she accidentally stood on the royal’s foot.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents five women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein, revealed she has a sixth client who says she witnessed the Duke of York with Ms Roberts – now Ms Giuffre – dancing together in 2001.”

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The Turn of the Screw – Pressure on Pedo Prince to Sit Down with the FBI

UNDER PRESSURE Prince Andrew MUST know something about Epstein’s crimes and can ‘only hide for so long’, says victims’ lawyer

“PRINCE Andrew MUST know something about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, a lawyer for the financier’s alleged victims said today.
US lawyer Lisa Bloom declared “he can only run for so long” after it emerged the 59-year-old was yet to speak with the FBI about his paedo pal. . . “

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NOTE – If the pedo prince didn’t sweat before he sure is now! 💦💦💦💦💦💦

2 New Epstein Accusers Sue His Estate

The valuable thing about these victim lawsuits, besides justice for victims, is lots of documents and facts come out in the cases. And judges can order “do not destroy” orders on damaging documents and evidence at the start of proceedings.
 – –  – Crooked judges may be afraid to do their usual tricks on this hot potato (opinion).

NY Daily News Two new Jeffrey Epstein accusers file $100 million lawsuit against pedophile’s estate and alleged recruiter

“Two aspiring models who were working at a Union Square restaurant when they allegedly were lured to Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and assaulted have filed a new $100 million lawsuit.

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan cites federal sex trafficking law and names the financier’s estate as well as alleged recruiter Sue Roe as the defendants.

The victims, identified as Jane Does, are now living in Baltimore and Japan. One was eighteen years old at the time, and the other was twenty, according to their lawyer, Lisa Bloom.” . . . (more)