New reason #4 for pedo prince to sweat 💦 – victim Chauntae Davies is telling all about him on Lolita Island

New Epstein victim says he raped her & bragged about Prince Andrew as first pics of his ‘Paedo Island’ emerge

“Chauntae [ Davies ] has demanded that Andrew speak to FBI agents as they move to nail Epstein’s associates.
Andrew insisted last week he had not noticed young girls surrounding Epstein.
But Chauntae said: “I hope he is ­honest. There is no way you could have been a friend of Jeffrey’s and not know what was going on.
“I don’t see how you could see somebody with another young girl all the time and there never being a conversation about it. It doesn’t add up.””

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Virginia Giuffre’s attorneys have written to Andrew requesting to interview him

A letter to Prince Andrew

Here is the full text of the letter in italics. My comments are in bold. 

HRH Prince Andrew:

We were pleased to see your recent statement that you were appalled by the predatory sexual behavior of your friend, Jeffrey Epstein. (Excellent opening. Patronising as f-ck. Like, no sh-t, dum-dum, you basically just came in with the bare minimum. Everyone should be appalled!) 

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Twitter Lights Up Over the Pedo-Prince

There is too much news about the pedo-prince from the UK to post. Basically the muzzle is off all the witnesses and underlings who have known about the habits of the wretched royals. They are all blabbing.



Walls Closing In on the Pedo-Prince

Pilot: Andrew flew on a ­private jet with paedo friend Jeffrey Epstein and  Virginia Roberts

The Sun [UK]
In court testimony David Rodgers, 66, said one trip saw Epstein, Andrew and the then 17-year-old Virginia heading to the US Virgin Islands.


More and more photos and evidence on the pedo-prince is turning up while he hides out. 


Royal shock as Prince Andrew prepares to face police

“According to, Prince Andrew is either going to provide a witness statement or be questioned by the British or American authorities in regards to his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Town & Country
Would Prince Andrew Speak with the Police Regarding Jeffrey Epstein?


Prince Andrew faces shocking new allegations

“Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is facing shocking allegations surrounding naked pool parties and teen massages, as new photos have emerged of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein visiting a royal estate.”

Social Register in a tizzy:
Could Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein scandal stop a next royal wedding?
– Princess Beatrice reportedly engaged

2014 – FC blog:
Why England’s rulers are a bunch of whackos — boarding schools and Privileged Abandonment

The elite tradition is to send children away at a young age to be educated. But future politicians who suffer this ‘privileged abandonment’ often turn out as bullies or bumblers. A psychotherapist explains why


On Pedo-Prince Andrew and weapons sales

Jason Bermas made a good point at the 24:52 min. mark of this video when he was talking to Whitney Webb about her brilliant reporting about the Mega Group.

He reminds us that Prince Andrew is “the royal arms dealer” and his international wheeling and dealing (never described by the compliant press) is weapons sales. Perhaps the weapons sales part is what gives him royal cover for whatever he does, even to children.

A monstrous person from a monstrous family.

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