Op-Ed – Is new pedo-prince money scandal really a “shut up” pay off scheme?


Fergie must’ve been shocked to open the newspaper yesterday and see herself splashed all over the headlines as lead figure in this torrid money laundry scheme:

EXCLUSIVE: £750,000 from ‘fraudster’ was to fund Princess Beatrice’s wedding: Astonishing admission from Prince Andrew’s aide in phone call about cash at heart of new High Court battle

The amounts of money moved about are huge and her bad-at-make-up daughter’s wedding looks like a ruse for the cash transfers.

We ask could an underlying theme in this scandal be hush money paid to the pedo prince for some knowledge he has that is Epstein (or worse) related?

Oddly this story features terrorist and Hillary Clinton associate, Fethullah Gulen(!)

Stay tuned.





Pedophile Enabler, Duchess of York, 🏰 Rewarded with Children’s (!) Book Deal

Daily Mail [UK] –   Sarah Ferguson announces she’s signed a seven book deal to write children’s stories

  • Duchess of York has announced signed a seven-book deal with Serenity Press 
  • Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, 60, has revealed her three new children’s books online
  • Has penned new fiction including  ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’ and ‘Genie Gems’ 

The first thing we see is a previous children’s title, The Enchanted Oak Tree with no mention of her having anything to do with writing it.  Is this a big fat “thank you” gift from pedo ring protectors?

Recall publishing is akin to money laundering in the US.


ALSO – Epstein is connected to Nickelodeon through Geraldine Laybourne