Pedophile Enabler, Duchess of York, 🏰 Rewarded with Children’s (!) Book Deal

Daily Mail [UK] –   Sarah Ferguson announces she’s signed a seven book deal to write children’s stories

  • Duchess of York has announced signed a seven-book deal with Serenity Press 
  • Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, 60, has revealed her three new children’s books online
  • Has penned new fiction including  ‘The Enchanted Oak Tree’ and ‘Genie Gems’ 

The first thing we see is a previous children’s title, The Enchanted Oak Tree with no mention of her having anything to do with writing it.  Is this a big fat “thank you” gift from pedo ring protectors?

Recall publishing is akin to money laundering in the US.


ALSO – Epstein is connected to Nickelodeon through Geraldine Laybourne