Correctional Officers Charged with Falsifying Records for Night of Epstein Death

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The correctional officers, who were on duty during what used to be called the graveyard shift, didn’t do their rounds the night that Epstein died. They pretended that they did, but, according to the DOJ, were surfing the internet, sitting at their desks and wandering about the common room. Almost certainly they were sleeping at their desks. They may have a day job as well, due to low pay. It was probably known that these guards always slept, and didn’t do their rounds, by whoever killed Epstein. Although we do not believe that Epstein committed suicide, he probably knew which guards did their rounds and which didn’t, too. Beware sleeping on the job!

Guido Modano is the Special Agent in Charge of the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General.
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Correctional Officers Charged With Falsifying Records On August 9th And 10th…

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