Do It! Do It! Train-wreck Part 2 mulled by idiot pedo-prince

Prince Andrew ‘considering second interview’ on Jeffrey Epstein ‘to set things right’

“Vanity Fair said a source told them there were rumours Prince Andrew wanted to “put right the things he didn’t say” despite apparently telling his mum the Queen his initial interview was “a great success”.

The source said: “Newsnight gave him the chance to show some remorse.

“He was asked if there was anything else he wanted to say. It was an open goal – he didn’t grasp it, and I think he sees that now.””

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Prince Andrew Thought His Bombshell BBC Interview About Jeffrey Epstein ‘Had Gone Quite Well’





The Big Lie – pedo-prince Andrew met Epstein way before he claimed in train-wreck, BBC interview


“Andrew told interviewer Emily Maitlis that he met Epstein through Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who Andrew met at university, in 1999. But that contradicts an earlier claim from a former senior aide in 2011 that the pair actually met in the “early 1990s.”

. . . “The duke has known Mr Epstein since being introduced to him in the early 1990s.” [said Andrew’s private secretary, Alastair Watson]



BBC Shelves Giuffre Interview Describing Royal Crimes – filmed ahead of Royal Train-wreck

The Mirror [UK] – Virginia Giuffre is believed to be furious that her interview, filmed three weeks before Andrew’s denials about having sex with Virginia on BBC ­Newsnight, has not been aired

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[Opinion] This policy of putting filmed news stories damning to Buckingham Palace in the can looks like a TREND! – FC    

Pedo-Prince Andrew Blowback

Britain’s Prince Andrew sparks backlash after ‘disastrous’ TV interview

ELIZABETH DAY: You are not the victim, Andrew – the real victims are invisible to you and your inflated ego

Randy Andy PHOTOS

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The Playboy Prince: All of Andrew’s ex’s REVEALED

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Prince Andrew parties with sex beast Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump at luxury resort

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Some photos getting rapidly scrubbed from Google’s image search:



Questions we have for pedo-prince Andrew

A few topics not covered by the BBC in yesterday’s interview

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■ Did you avoid the Chirac funeral because French authorities were investigating Epstein’s crimes and associates?
What else were you doing at the time that was so important?

■ Do you not realize your good friend, Ghislane Maxwell is accused by multiple victims of child rape and pimping?
Have you cut off ties with her?

 If you were not best buddies with child rapist, Jeffrey Epstein why did you go to his private island?

Why would household staff and others recall seeing you on Epstein’s properties so often?
Do you think they are all lying about you?

■ Do you think any employee at that pizza place in Woking will recall ever seeing you there?

 Didn’t your security detail inform you of the criminal past of Jeffrey Epstein?

■ Have you never heard of “Brownstoning”?

 You claim you don’t know where Tramps night club is.
Are you expecting us to believe you are unaware of the tunnel to your family’s castle from there?

Pedo-Prince Andrew to give address about his association with child-rapist, Jeffrey Epstein this Saturday

This should be good . . .

NY Post
Prince Andrew to give ‘no holds barred’ interview on Jeffrey Epstein friendship

“…an interview recorded at Buckingham Palace Thursday and set to air Saturday on BBC Two at 9 p.m. local time, or 4 p.m. EST….