Jean-Luc Brunel is cooperating with prosecutors in Paris

Daily Mail [UK]
Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel is cooperating with prosecutors in Paris on their investigation into the pedophile, claims his lawyer

“A lawyer for Jean-Luc Brunel said that her client is willing to cooperate with officials in Paris who are investigating his former friend and business partner, Jeffrey Epstein.

Prosecutors in Paris are looking into possible charges of rape and sexual assault against Epstein, both for crimes that he allegedly committed on French soil, as well as ones that he may have committed in other countries involving French citizens.

Brunel’s attorney Corinne Dreyfus-Schmidt denied that he is ‘on the run’ and said that he has made himself available to authorities ever since the launch of this latest probe.

‘Before even the preliminary investigation was launched, he made contact with the Paris prosecutor’s office, informing it that he remained at the disposal of the authorities,’ said the attorney.” . . . (more)

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