Global Human Trafficking Exposed. Top British and Royals Named

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british overlords gardner soames.png Wicked, nasty people pictured above.


Epstein’s black book is connecting all the major players to human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia, money laundering, and blackmail operations. Many of the names in the book have already been busted by AIM/AFI as being co-conspirators in unimaginable global criminality.

epstein ghislaine maxwell Wicked, nasty people pictured above.

Thanks to the research team at Americans for Innovation (AFI) for organizing Corey Lynn’s excellent research of Epstein’s Black Book into a PDF. Below are the links for you to save on off-line. We also pulled some images that were of importance to our own research.

Corey Lynn. (Aug. 09, 2019). Jeffrey Epstein’s St. Thomas Network, Comms, And An Elite School. Corey’s Digs.

Jeffrey Epstein. (ca. Jan. 06, 2015). Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book, unredacted, 92 pgs., EXHIBITS_STM_UNDISPUTED_FACTS.PDF. US Courts.

raytheon.pngduchess and duke.pngmassage.jpgsoames rupert.pngghislaine 1.pngdoug bands.pngconrad blackhanson kissingermaxwell 1.jpgpashcow.pngpritzker 1soros rothschild.pngwexnermassage 2cox rockefeller.pngmassage dershowitz.pngjes staley.pngjohn kerrymort zuckerman.pngepstein 1maronet.jpg.

soames afi.jpgRupert Soames, OBE entries in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book occurred…

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Epstein’s 2nd Island – Great St. James Cay

Miami Herald
For Jeffrey Epstein, one island hideaway wasn’t enough. How he stealthily acquired a second

“Epstein set his sights on the body of land across the channel, Great St. James Cay, deciding that it should be his as well. The only problem was, its owner was determined not to deal with Epstein, a registered sex offender who had narrowly wriggled out of a federal trafficking case in 2008.

The multimillionaire financial advisor was undeterred. According to records examined by the Miami Herald and McClatchy, and interviews, Epstein set up an opaque limited liability company, or LLC, making it appear in the negotiations that the true owner was one Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, a wealthy Dubai businessman with connections to the royal family. A $22.5 million deal was worked out.”

Forbes – Jeffrey Epstein Couldn’t Buy A Second Island So He Reportedly Used An Unaware Businessman’s Name

” . . .  Epstein’s web of shell companies was previously revealed by the Paradise Papers. Because of the use of such opaque structures, assessing the exact wealth of the financier has been a difficult task.”

360 drone view of Jeffrey Epstein’s island of Little St. James and neighboring Great St. James
Drone video shows just how close Jeffrey Epstein’s private island of Little St. James in the U.S. Virgin Islands is to its neighboring island Great St. James. Epstein is believed to own both islands.




Town & Country How Jeffrey Epstein Got Away With It for So Long
A new podcast explores how Epstein forged friendships with the rich and powerful—and convinced them to shield him from the law.