Trump skates on thin ice regarding his ties to pedo prince Andrew

Daily Mail [UK] –
Donald Trump DENIES knowing Prince Andrew despite chatting with him on state visit THIS YEAR and being pictured with him and Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach in 2000

Trump was grilled by reporters at a press conference at Winfield House today

“. . . But the US leader was photographed smiling and shaking hands with Andrew, 59, at Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace during his state visit to London in June. “
” . . . Other images of Trump and Andrew together include one at Buckingham Palace where he also met former Prime Minister Theresa May.”

This may become extra dicey as we watch Hillary Clinton avoid this TNT on Trump since Bill is ten times more implicated in the Epstein pedo ring!
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Project Veritas Drops Epstein Bombshell on ABC News


Pedo, Dershowitz helped kill the story.

Zero Hedge – ABC Issues ‘Cover Your Ass, Lawyer-Speak’ Response To Bombshell Epstein Coverup Claims

“ABC News has responded to the Veritas video, saying “at the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. Ever since we’ve had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. That work has led to a two-hour documentary and a 6-part podcast that will air in the new year.”

Robach added in a statement “I was caught in a private moment of frustration,” and was “upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia Roberts didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence.” (Somehow the Miami Herald got the job done, however.) … (more)

How the Commercial Media will Handle the Jail-House Death of Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein & BCCI, Iran-Contra etc. discussed by Whitney Webb

Jason Bermas interviews Whitney Webb (NEW)  – 


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Jeffrey Epstein and ARK tie to the Clinton Foundation

Lolita Express Still Flying



Not only is Epstein’s plane still in service, and not only has it gone to Antarctica since his “arrest”, it’s destinations include:



ATLANTA, GA (near a town called Roswell) if you’ve been to Atlanta you know CNN HQ is the Mecca of the City and known for it’s literal UNDERGROUND [link to]


and flights that “disappear” about the Bermuda Triangle (where Federal Law Loophole allows transponders to be shut off)”


Flight Activity for N120JE (A0547F): Most recent trip to the islands?:

UPDATE – Pedo Pals Celebrate Bill Clinton’s Birthday (Must Read!)

From Kip Simpson –


News story – Chisinau airport’s new concessionaire is adamant that its newly-established agreement to manage the Moldovan hub cannot be overturned, despite political moves towards such an end.

London, Paris, Moscow flights go to the airport.

PART 1 – Pedo Pals Celebrate Bill Clinton’s Birthday



MSM tries to cover-up Epstein’s Child Rape Habit

Some have figured out all this attention on pedo-Epstein is tarnishing his pedo pals who are now feeling the heat. Bill Gates and other’s in the upper strata are getting their wish – MSM to the rescue. The net is now flooded with stories shunning the perversions of 9 East 71st Street, the Lolita Express and the ordeals of the countless child rape victims coming forward.

To the Rescue

MSN has jumped in to declare the “temple” on Little St. James is there because  “Epstein likely used the building to play piano, read books, work”(!).
Watch these articles explode in number. They are already working overtime to cleanse Lex Wexner’s image.

How do these hacks sleep at night?

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What we never learned from Epstein and Weiner cases

Gray's Economy

I’m so disgusted by the mainstream media’s portrayal of Jeffery Epstein as merely a predator of underage girls.

As I have written this week, a survivor of Epstein’s child sex grooming operation painted him as monster with connections to many well known people.

Then there was the case of Anthony Weiner — the disgraced politician who plead guilty to sexting teenage girls.

These men — if I can use that word — allegedly either trafficked and/or groomed young children in the satanic rituals of pedophilia.

NYPD sources were horrified at what they found on Weiner’s laptop computer. Sure there was his “insurance policy” files, but there were other images and files that connected to Epstein’s child sex trafficking blackmail scheme.

Where all that information on Weiner’s laptop is now is anyone’s guess. We have learned that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and disgraced Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe…

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George Webb Discusses the Weapons-for-Drugs-Club (and CGI) etc.


Getting to the drugs and guns running and the Epstein connection. The sex being for control, not the main crime of the scheme.


Earlier Post – Marc Rich and Epstein and Black Ops – George Webb

Earlier posts on Epstein


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On Epstein and Black Ops, NXIVM, Sex Blackmail etc.

So many rabbit holes related to Epstein, his funding etc. go straight to intelligence agencies. 

The Higher Side Chats – Recluse – The Epstein Conspiracy, NXIVM, & The Blackmail Blueprint


VISUP View blog

Pedo Pals Celebrate Bill Clinton’s Birthday

Vanity Fair puff piece on pedo-x-president, Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan are more than just golfing buddies, though they have been known to enjoy a round or two of golf together on Martha’s Vineyard during their summer vacations. Jordan, a senior managing director at Lazard and longtime civil rights activist, has counseled Clinton for decades. He took the future president to his first Bilderberg conference, in 1991, and helped clean up the Lewinsky scandal. In the antechamber to his office in New York, Jordan has a scrapbook from Clinton—it’s inscribed to the “first pal”—that is filled with pictures of them golfing.

For a while now, the two men have also been celebrating their birthdays together, courtesy of their friends Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, of the imperial European banking family, and his wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a former telecommunications executive. The latest party was held this past weekend on Martha’s Vineyard at Bagehot Backs, the Rothschilds’ tasteful estate in Edgartown—it has been featured in many a shelter magazine —and included quite an A-list cast of characters, including many Democratic party stalwarts. . . “ (more)

Of course  Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a barrel of monkeys … she frolics on Epstein’s Lolita Express jet just like Bill!

flight logs



CF and Child-Rapist, Ghislaine Maxwell


NY PostEpstein’s gal pal gave $1K to hospital that treated alleged sex slave

” . . . Other beneficiaries of Maxwell’s private charity included the Clinton Foundation, which in 2003 received the foundation’s biggest donation ever of $2,500, the Telegraph said.”

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Jeffrey Epstein Becomes the 27th Associate of the Clintons to Die Mysteriously

Santa Monica Observer

” . . . In death, Epstein becomes the latest associate of William and Hillary Clinton to die in an unexplained manner. Epstein faced numerous child sex charges, involving young girls and his private island in the US Virgin Islands.

Epstein knew many rich and powerful people, from Prince Andrew to Donald J. Trump. Former US President Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet no less than 27 times.”

article lists the 27 dead –

Epstein Claim: He helped set up the Clinton Global Initiative


2016 story – The Daily Mail [UK] –

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein once claimed he helped found Clinton Foundation as he touted close relationship with former president during plea bargain negotiations

  • Financier Jeffrey Epstein spent just 13 months in jail for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008 in a plea bargain
  • During plea negotiations, his lawyers had emphasized his close relationship with Bill Clinton
  • A 2007 letter to the Florida State Attorney’s office claims that Epstein helped set up the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative
  • But the former president credited longtime assistant and Foundation director Doug Band with the idea for the Initiative
  • Epstein is not listed as a director or founder on the non-profit’s documents but did give $25,000 through his Swiss bank account
  • The convicted sex offender’s lawyers also mentioned Clinton had been a guest on his jet during a charitable trip to Africa
  • Foundation…

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Some VIPs Who Flew on Lolita Express

We reported earlier on the helpless babies recorded as passengers on the Lolita Express. The Flight Logs are important evidence, recently made public, from the Virginia Giuffre law suit. When we were looking that up we couldn’t help but notice other names on the lists.

There are more, and you can scroll through yourself for other names:


The combined list – babies + VIPs

MORE coming out soon!
Stay Tuned!

NOTE:  Added VIPS in general, associated with Epstein on his flights or not, are in COMMENTS  here.
VIPs with their own articles can be found using the SEARCH bar 

On Epstein toy, Chauntae Davies

H. A. Goodman


Inside Edition


This “air hostess”‘ name comes up in many news accounts.

Trump predicted trouble for Bill Clinton as unsealed docs in Epstein’s case could expose powerful men

Chauntae Davies soft-core porn resume and topless face book photo reported:
Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”
. . . but all she does on a plane trip to Africa with Bill Clinton is make peanutbutter sandwiches (??)

Bill Clinton claims he ‘knows nothing’ about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged child sex crimes

Maybe Chauntae Davies is the one young adult female in Epstein’s circle hired for her skill-set. If so, she’d be the only one.